22 September 2015

some entryway fluffing

We still have so much work to do from when the big hail storm came through last year. While all the siding, roofs and windows have been replaced, there's still fixing up the landscaping on the outside.....and doing all the finishing work to the insides of all the windows, painting rooms and fixing ceilings....just to name a few. It's a lot of work!

So sometimes just a little fluffing can make me feel like we're making progress. Above is our entryway....I decided to give this area a little (and free) makeover. I redid this area about 4 years ago with Cabbages & Roses (you can check out how it looked here) but thought it was time for a new look.

I removed the wallpaper on the stair wall, but left the fabric hanging on the small wall above the beadboard just to keep a little color, pattern and texture in the space. (If you want to see how I hung the fabric "wallpaper", you can check it out here). I like the lightened look.

There's still some work I need to do in this area, but I thought I'd share what we've done so far. I'm still moving the accessories around until I get the right "feel" I'm going for....but it'll do for now.