26 May 2015

Some of Our Feathered Friends

It's been quite a while since I showed some of our feathered friends.....so I thought I'd introduce you to the newest members of our flock.

Above are our 8 week old Ameraucana's. They are all pullets (meaning hens) and are the sweetest girls ever. It's hard trying not to trip over them as they like to be right at your feet. This is the breed that lays Easter colored eggs....so looking forward to those.

This cute little group was an unexpected surprise. One day we couldn't find one of our hens and we thought she may have been taken by a fox....but lucky for us...and for her too...we found her under a pile of wood sitting on eight eggs. We let her stay with her clutch as she was quite set on taking care of them and about 21 days later we heard the chirps of babies. She hatched all eight eggs. As of this weekend, she ventured outside with them for the first time.....she's such a good mom. The mom is a Mille Fleur Bantam, as for the dad, well....we have quite a few roosters....including Easter Eggers, Porcelain Bantams and a Mottled Cochin Bantam. From the looks of her clutch, I'd say it was a mix of all of them.

Right now the score is:

Hens: 16
Roosters: 6
? Chicks: 8

Total: 30

So here's hoping our new little clutch of 8 chicks is mostly hens.


  1. Bonjour,

    Une bien belle grande famille !... J'aime ça...

    Gros bisous

  2. Very nice Andrea. I always enjoy reading your blog and admiring your style! Congratulations and good luck with the count!