18 May 2014

main street market photos

I wanted to share a few photos from the Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market with you today.

The show was amazing....with so many wonderful vendors.

While I was busy setting up.....my son walked around and took photos for you....wasn't that nice of him.

          The property was just beautiful. It was filled with lovely old farmhouses, barns and businesses.

Oh.....and did I mention the vendors were amazing. I'm loving those plant stands and topiaries above.

If you notice.....my son loves plants.....and glass jars with moss.

We've talked.....and are now going to redo his room with a botanical/mad scientist look.....I'll keep you posted.

Well.....that's a glimpse of what the show had to offer. 

Like I said, the show was full of amazing vendors, and this was just a tiny portion of what was there.

If you'd like to see more photos from the show, go on over to Urban Farmgirl's Main Street Market facebook and check it out.

15 May 2014

antique archaeology

On our way to the Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market, we made a pit stop in LeClaire, Iowa.

Do you know what's in LeClaire, Iowa?

Why.....Antique Archaeology of course.

It was so cool to see this place in person. 

If your ever in LeClaire, Iowa and love junk....it's a must see.

07 May 2014

main street market

It's almost here....are you ready?
I'm so excited to be a vendor at the market and even more excited to get to meet some of the bloggers I follow in person.
I hope to have lots of photos to share with you next week.
Have a great weekend!

04 May 2014

lemon-poppy seed scones

I love scones...but have never tried making them from scratch....until today. 

I must say....they turned out fantastic. It's a simple recipe and now that I know how to make the dough, it'll be so much fun coming up with new flavors.

It's a Country Living recipe....you can find it here.

01 May 2014

a bathroom makeover in the works

It seems like every year I go through my house and want to change things up....and not just like the re-arranging kind of changes....nope.....I'm talking about rip the floor let's add some beams and paint everything kind of changes.

This will be one of our projects this year. 

The photo shows what our basement bathroom looked like after our first go around at fixing it up. We added the wainscoting and chair molding, painted and put in the black and white tiled floor.

It's a perfectly nice bathroom and it's worked out well for us.....but trying to keep all that grout clean is a nightmare.

Some of the things we'll be changing are....the floor, the sink, adding wood to the soffit, making shutters and painting. 

If you'd like to see more photos of the bathroom before it's transformation sometime this year....click here.