24 April 2014

I'll be here....will you?

My friend Laurie and I are taking a little trip (well....it's 424.86 miles to be exact) to Illinois in May.....we're going to be vendors at.....
I'm so excited!
If your in the area....and want to shop some great vendors.....come by and say hi....I'll be waiting for you.

17 April 2014

new shop items

I've added a few things to the shop today....

here's a little peek.....

with more coming soon.

14 April 2014

a french ticking bolster pillow

I've been wanting a french ticking bolster pillow for my bedroom for some time now.....but finding the fabric takes some patience....I'm happy to say I finally found some.

The front of the pillow is made with a beautiful french ticking and the back is made from a french linen sheet I already had on hand. 

I love how it turned out....it just makes the room if you ask me.

10 April 2014

let's try this again

I've decided that the paint on the stool is a little too chippy for me....so I'm going to try this again. In case you want to read about my first milk paint experience you can check it our here.

For this time around I'm going to try Miss Mustard Seeds's Shutter Gray color. The color on those shutters is amazing!

While I'm at it I may just paint a couple small shutters I have lying around too....if they look anything like the ones above....I'll be a happy girl.

Top photo via Miss Mustard Seed.

07 April 2014

my first milk paint project

Here's the result of my first attempt at using Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint.

The piece I chose to paint was a stool I got years ago for my boys....you know the kind.... a mass produced one with a wood top and white legs.

Here's some things I learned.....

First off I want to say that I didn't do anything but wipe down the stool....I didn't sand or use TSP or anything like that. 

Milk paint was quite different to work with than any other paint I've used. I did like the consistency quite a bit....it actually looks rather watery and like it won't cover much....but to my surprise it covered much better than I thought it would.

You need surprisingly little....I used 1 oz. of powdered milk paint to paint this stool....twice!

As you can see in the photos....if the surface hasn't been prepared (sanded), or you haven't added bonding agent to your mixed paint, then your paint will most definitely chip away. I didn't have any bonding agent and I was too impatient to order some and wait....so I just went ahead and painted.

After the paint dried, I used my hand to brush all the flaky paint off....it comes off rather easily.

Then I waxed the piece with clear wax followed by dark wax....and this is the result.

I haven't decided if I'll keep the stool like it is now....or order some more milk paint and try it again using the bonding agent. As I said before, I did like the way it went on and I loved the color.....(I used Grain Sack).....but I think a less chippy finish would fit in better with my style.

Stay tuned!

05 April 2014

more chicks...and a kitchen island peek

Well....it seems more chicks have made their way into our home.
Last week I saw a sign at our feed store that more bantam chicks were coming....so I of course called and had them hold some for me.
All the chickens we've bought this year are bantams....which is a small type of chicken....I'm talking like 1/3 the size of our regular heavy breed chickens....it's so cute.
So the way I explained to my husband why we need to keep buying chicks is that we need twice as many bantams since their eggs are also 1/3 the size of regular eggs. He seemed okay with my logic....although being that they're so cute....I don't think he minds.
Now it looks like next weekend....weather permitting....we'll he'll be knocking down our old coop and building a new pretty one.....I can't wait.

Before I go....I thought you'd like to see a peek at our new kitchen island.
In case you didn't see my kitchen island inspiration post.....you can see it here.
Can you tell which one inspired me the most?

01 April 2014

prairie style is back

The wonderfully talented Fifi O'Neill has turned out yet another beautiful issue of Prairie Style Magazine that's due to hit the stands in May.

I always love looking through anything that has Fifi's name on it.....her eye for style is impeccable. So much so that Prairie Style Magazine is back because of popular demand.

Quantities are limited for this issue so you better order a copy quickly. You can pre-order a single issue here....or buy them in bulk here.

There's a 144 pages of beautifully photograhed stories that include nine fabulous homes from coast to coast...including Canada.

Have you ordered your copy yet?