29 March 2014

a new desk chair

I was in need of a new desk chair after my husband made me a farmtable desk a couple weeks ago.....but sometimes finding the right chair takes patience....and I was having none of that.

I walked over to our dining table and snatched a chair from there to use.....but I wanted to do a little something special to the seat. This is what I came up with.....a patchwork seat. 

I'm kinda digging it. By changing out the fabric to something a little more funky, I think it fits in better with an office.

So until I find the right desk chair.....this one will do.

26 March 2014

milk paint

I've never tried milk paint.....but I've been wanting to for some time now.

The thing is,  I wanted to try at least a couple colors but being that I wasn't sure if I'd even like painting with milk paint, I didn't want to commit to buying the regular sized bags of the paint.

But....after looking around, I found that you can purchase sample bags of Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint on Etsy.

I have the perfect little candidate to try MMS Milk Paint on.....so stay tuned.

P.S. Have any of you tried milk paint....what did you think?

23 March 2014

kitchen islands

I do believe I'm out of my winter slump.

I was busy painting my kitchen island last night.....at 11:00 p.m.

These kitchen islands were my inspiration.

I love that they all have that general store feel to them....you know....like you could walk right up and order yourself a Sarsaparilla.

I'll hopefully have my kitchen ready for photos soon....just waiting on one more thing to come in....and it's due to arrive soon. 

I've also been tweaking my basement too.....that sweet guy of mine built me a farmhouse table to use as my desk....and I'm loving it. I'll post some photos of it soon.

all photo links can be found on my Pinterest board.

20 March 2014

look what spring has brought us

With Spring comes new life.....and these cuties are just 9 days old....I'd say that's pretty new.