19 November 2014

chicken coop progress so far

Here's the progress so far on our chicken coop....as you can see, snow has gotten in the way of us finishing up some minor details. We've primed it for now, but we'll have to wait for spring to give it a final coat and do the landscaping around it.

If the coop looks a bit familiar....that's because we purchased the plans from here. We (and by we I mean my husband....love that guy!) had to adjust a few things here and there.....mainly because of our weather....but I have to say I think it turned out pretty darn good.

Another project that we have lined up for in the spring is to make over our goats area. The goats can be pretty hard on their living quarters....they love chewing on wood....and now they have lots of "windows" and "sky lights" that need repair. 


We're also making progress on our home after the storm that hit us in June. Our house and garage have been re-sided, the house and buildings have new roofs, we've had all new windows installed and next week our carriage doors for the garage will be here. That takes care of most of the big things.....but after a big hail storm like that, there's lots of little things that still need fixing. For example, our landscaping took a beating.....not only from the storm, but from all the worker's working on the house. I'm really hoping that all our Limelight Hydrangeas come back.

There's also repairs inside that need to take place....but my husband and I will take care of those.....and seems how we have to re-do our moldings and window sills why don't we just paint the ceilings (we actually have to since the hail punched holes into our roof and water damaged the ceilings) and walls....and while we're at it, re-decorate a bit.

I think this sounds like a great idea!


  1. Love your coop!! Will your flock be penned or are you going to allow them to free range? We always found we needed more space for them than originally planned if we kept them enclosed in a run. We currently use an electric fence and they get to roam in a big space around their coop.

    1. We decided to make the enclosed area that size because our chickens are let out daily to free range.....although they'd much rather roost at my kitchen door.....I think they know where their treats come from.

  2. Oh my word! It looks amazing! Maybe I shall move into it?? lol

  3. I recall seeing that chicken coop...can hardly wait to see it finished. I've seen your work before and it's always beautiful!

  4. Oh my gosh....you guys really took a hit this summer, didn't you, Andrea? But I guess that's one way to get some redecorating done! :) Love the new coop. Very chic! I had no idea that you were such a farmgirl! Love that you have chickens and goats! :)

    xoxo laurie