12 June 2014

a coop is in the works

While we wait to get our home put back together again (if you don't know what happened check out this post) we decided to continue working on building our new chicken coop.

Remember back in April when I shared our chicks with you....well they've grown quite a bit in the past couple months.

Unfortunately, we still haven't got their coop built....so they're living in our garage. Not exactly the home we had planned for them....but hopefully in a couple weeks we'll have their new digs all ready for them.

Our old coop,  just wasn't working the way we'd like, so we tore it down to make way for a new one. The new coop will be in the same spot as the old one, but we'll have much better access to it.

As you can see, my husband built a retaining wall so that we could have a level area to walk around the coop....the way our old coop sat, it was near impossible to walk around because of the hill it sits on. 

I'm really looking forward to having it done and finally getting the chickens in there....I'm so over stepping on their "presents" every morning....yuck.

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