01 April 2014

prairie style is back

The wonderfully talented Fifi O'Neill has turned out yet another beautiful issue of Prairie Style Magazine that's due to hit the stands in May.

I always love looking through anything that has Fifi's name on it.....her eye for style is impeccable. So much so that Prairie Style Magazine is back because of popular demand.

Quantities are limited for this issue so you better order a copy quickly. You can pre-order a single issue here....or buy them in bulk here.

There's a 144 pages of beautifully photograhed stories that include nine fabulous homes from coast to coast...including Canada.

Have you ordered your copy yet?


  1. I have not ordered it yet. But here I go. Thanks for the heads up. What a wonderful mag.

    Love it and love FIFI~!

  2. You should be given a discount coupon code for making it so easy for everyone to order. I am thrilled it is back - thank you for the heads up. I concur: Fifi is one nifty, talented and very unique gal.

  3. I ordered THREE copies! lol Fifi also told me that publication of future issues will depend on the sale of THIS issue. So.....order up, girls!!!! We want more of Fifi's wonderful prairie goodness!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. oh wow just the cover has me running to order!

  5. I wish i could buy it here in Holland...love from me....Ria...x !

  6. Where can I get this? Do you have to order??? I guess it's not in the stands. I'll have to look this up. It is beautiful!!!