29 March 2014

a new desk chair

I was in need of a new desk chair after my husband made me a farmtable desk a couple weeks ago.....but sometimes finding the right chair takes patience....and I was having none of that.

I walked over to our dining table and snatched a chair from there to use.....but I wanted to do a little something special to the seat. This is what I came up with.....a patchwork seat. 

I'm kinda digging it. By changing out the fabric to something a little more funky, I think it fits in better with an office.

So until I find the right desk chair.....this one will do.


  1. Just Awesome I love this. Beautiful and unique and I bet comfy too.

  2. Love the patchwork look. Great using what we have, isn't it?

  3. Looks wonderful!..love love love your choice of fabrics!

  4. Looks awesome and I love the mix of fabric.