26 December 2013

What's That For?

"What's that for?"....has been a question I've been asking a lot lately.
Our best friends from California visited us this past November....it was a great time....but after spending some time with my friend, I realized I've turned into a dude.
Since having kids, I no longer pamper myself like I used to (I'm sure many of you can relate).
More evidence of me not being girly enough....I visited Sephora with my husband to shop for my California friend....and it was like two dudes shopping....I had no idea what products did....which were good....I was lost.
So....here's my question(s) to you....
What's your daily skin regimen?
What skin products do you adore?
Do you like BB creams...and if so, which one?
Favorite lip color...lip gloss or balm?
I have dark spots on my face....any suggestions for that?
Okay beautiful ladies....speak up.
Thanks for helping.
~Andrea "The Dude"

06 December 2013

Our Basement

I haven't shown much of our home lately...so I thought I'd update you on what's new. We are very lucky to have such a bright and open basement, especially being this is a 123 year old house. If your not familiar with our home, it was moved to this location, hence the modern basement.

See those chairs above...love those! They are so comfy....and nice and deep too....it's the perfect place to curl up in..

This is a "new" old table I found. It was one of those Formica like brown tables for $20.00, I thought I'd bring it home to see if I could update it with some paint....for only $20.00 bucks I didn't have much to lose. I made some homemade chalk paint then waxed it with dark furniture wax...I like how it turned out. I was trying to find a round table so that I could make it look like an old library table...I think it's getting there. I still have things to do to down here....like find some different chairs for around the table...but it's working for now.