28 February 2013

Little Paris Kitchen

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I love watching cooking shows....and one of my favorites is Little Paris Kitchen with Rachel Khoo. She whips up the most amazing looking food in the tinest kitchen in France....or at least that's what I think. She doesn't even have a real oven or cook top....they're more like camping equipment. It goes to show you that you don't need a big kitchen....or expensive appliances to make wonderful meals.
The show is on The Cooking Channel and it airs on Saturday afternoons at 1:30 central time. It was a series that originally aired in 2012...so unfortunately, she doesn't have any new episodes that I know of....but I sure would love it if she did.....she's quite inspiring.
On another note....My friend Sarah has a new blog called One Day With Sarah....you may remember her from her My Yellow House blog....which unfortunately was hacked. Well, lucky us she started a new blog where she writes beautiful posts that read like poetry. You can visit Sarah here.

18 February 2013

Spring Dreaming

If you follow me on Pinterest....then you know that I've been pinning like crazy onto my Outdoor Inspiration Board.

Mind you....it's not only me who's pinning on my Outdoor Inspiration Board....it's also my 16-year old son. It seems that we are both very ready for spring.....green grass....and the shining sun.

As I type this....it's snowing outside....and according to the weatherman....we are headed for some really....really cold days....Oh....and did I mention that he also said a monster snow storm is headed our way Thursday.
So.....to keep me in good spirits....I'll be pinning beautiful gardens, courtyards and little humble abodes to my hearts content....all with the thought that Spring will soon be here.
You can find all the photo credits via my outdoor Pinterest board...I have the hardest time trying to link them directly from my blog.