24 January 2013

a peek into the kitchen


Here's a little peek into what's going on in the kitchen right now.
We're actually pretty close to being finished....I'm thinking by this weekend all the laborious work will be done....then it's on to the fun part.
The kitchen already looks so much brighter and cleaner. I was so happy to see the granite countertops go....it's like a breath of fresh air in here now.
By the way....in case your wondering....this kitchen makeover is a small one. Just a few changes really made a big difference in there. It's not my dream kitchen....but at this point I was just looking to make it more in fitting with a farmhouse.
If you'd like to take a look at what we've done to the kitchen in the past....and what we started with....you can check it out here.
Stay tuned!

17 January 2013

bathroom details

As promised.....here are some details about our bathroom makeover....Oh....and if you'd like to see the before of our bathroom, you check it out here.
I'd have to say the number one question I received is....where did I get the sinks. We bought them at Menards, which is a home improvement store. Unfortunately, they no longer carry them. We happened to find one sink at one store and the legs for another sink at another store....and the basin of a sink at yet another store....we did a lot of driving around to get 2 complete sinks. The best part....we only paid $110.00 for each sink....score!
The walls and floor are painted Cotton White, which is a Better Homes & Garden color that's available at Walmart....it's a beautiful warm white.
The rug is from Dash & Albert in the Staffordshire Stripe pattern.
The hooks for the towels are from Target....they have a great vintage industrial look to them.
For the shelf above the towels and the doors on the cabinet we used old fencing we had lying around. A quick sanding unveiled a beautiful worn wood...perfect for adding some warmth to this mostly all white bathroom.
The lights above the mirrors came from Lowes....they're actually outdoor lights. We bought ours on clearance for $20.00 each....I found some at Lowes that look very similar....you can find them here.
I hope I answered all of your questions. If I haven't....ask away.