26 December 2013

What's That For?

"What's that for?"....has been a question I've been asking a lot lately.
Our best friends from California visited us this past November....it was a great time....but after spending some time with my friend, I realized I've turned into a dude.
Since having kids, I no longer pamper myself like I used to (I'm sure many of you can relate).
More evidence of me not being girly enough....I visited Sephora with my husband to shop for my California friend....and it was like two dudes shopping....I had no idea what products did....which were good....I was lost.
So....here's my question(s) to you....
What's your daily skin regimen?
What skin products do you adore?
Do you like BB creams...and if so, which one?
Favorite lip color...lip gloss or balm?
I have dark spots on my face....any suggestions for that?
Okay beautiful ladies....speak up.
Thanks for helping.
~Andrea "The Dude"


  1. I wash my face every night with a cleaner for sensitive skin and then follow with a night cream. In the morning same routine but with a different cream with sunscreen, followed by a touch of mascara, powder and lipstick. I love Dr. Hauschka skin care products, I get them at wholefoods. I like a soft color lipstick. Di@Cottage-wishes

  2. I can promise you that my comments will not help you at all...because I don't wear makeup either...only mascara and lip gloss for very special occasions. However I've never had pimples or problems with my skin. I love how my daughters wear makeup... I was just always afraid I would apply correctly so I'm all NATURAL! Did I help?:)

  3. I love Aveda for cleansers and lotions. I use Stila beauty balm (still use lotion with it) and it really evens out your complexion. If you have spots you'd like to cover, you may want to go with a slightly heavier foundation. Balms don't usually "cover" but just smooth out. I love Benefit products and their "some kinda gorgeous" foundation is awesome. It's a creamy powder so it leaves a matte finish which is great for me. I use their dandelion blush. Great pale pink and then I follow it up with a quick cover of loose powder. And then a lip stain from Benefit or Tarte with a gloss if I need a long lasting lip color or Nars lipstick. They are fantastic. Sounds like a lot but takes about two minutes!

  4. I've used Mary Kay products for over 20 years. Cleanser and moisturizer in the a.m. and p.m.
    I love the mineral powder foundation and a soft lipstick. Lots of great products for all types of users!

  5. Oh Andrea...good post, but you are lovely and most certainly NOT a dude! I try to be chemical free. I do an oil cleanse in the evening (removes makeup and cleanses skin) and do this with an oil mix I make myself. In the morning I rinse my face with water. If my face feels dry, I use organic coconut oil (from Costco) and blot my face with a towel before applying makeup. I also really like BB lotion like the one in your pic...they have sunscreen, light coverage, and help with dark spots. If you want simple, just add a bit of blush, lip gloss and mascara. for more coverage, I, too, really like mineral powder foundation. I've found Ulta has some nice quality lost cost options...and there is always coupon :0)

  6. Clarins skincare is wonderful, but expensive. I also love Sheisiedo skin products. Urban Decay mascara with growth serum is awesome. I use Tarte primer on my lashes first, then the mascara. Gotta use the primer. Someone asked me if I was wearing false eyelashes!!

  7. i 'wash' my face with jojoba oil (wipe off make up with warm, clean wash rags.)
    then i follow with la mer serum and moisturizing cream. i use RMS concealer
    in 1 and 2 for makeup and concealer.

  8. Wow great tips...thanks for these products!
    Also love your basement!

  9. I use physician's formula products for face wash, face lotion, and their starter mineral makeup kit. I have very oily skin and always have blemishes, but when I do this system I have a polished look but it is very natural and keeps my face pretty matte all day, even when I work as a flight attendant with long longggg days....

  10. I'm such a big fan of Origins products. It sounds like hyper-pigmentation is a real concern of yours (and its my primary concern also), and the Dr. Weil Brighter By Nature line was made just for us! I use the face wash, exfoliating peel pads, and moisturizer with SPF (this eliminates the need for a BB cream) and have been so happy with my regimen. My skin is a bit on the oily side so a good rule of thumb with all of these products is that a little goes a long way...with this rule in mind, my products last a long time. If you happen to have a retail location nearby, Origins always offers free facials.

    As for makeup, I prefer a more natural look and products with a conscience, so I'm crazy about Tarte's new Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation. Though the name sounds daunting and very heavy, I assure you that the powder foundation is light and fresh, buildable, and long-lasting (you won't even need a concealer!). The Amazonian clay 12-hour blush is also incredible. For a wonderful mascara try Origins GinZing brightening and lengthening mascara, big brush=gorgeous natural looking lashes.

    Good luck and have fun finding something perfect for you!

  11. I have been consistent with skincare since I was a teen.I had a brother that had really bad acne and I did not want that to happen to me.At a young age I started using clinique.When I was in my early 30's after I had my daughter I thought my skin looked great no need to spend money on expensive skin care and I started using cheaper makeup and skin care.Well eventually my skin got really bad.I lost the glow I once did.I went back to clinique and my skin was radiant again.Not saying that you have to use that brand.But look for something that will be good for your skin,even if it is a little more expensive.In the long run you will be happy to spent the money.I just invested in a clarisonic electric cleanser.So glad I did,worth every penny.It really cleans you skin much better than a washcloth.

  12. Here's a quick, basic makeup:
    Use Physician's Formula powder to even your skin tone, cover dark areas under the eyes and the inner eye area, by the nose .Also does a good job covering rosacea, not to mention the very unattractive and dreaded shiny nose. This looks marbled in the compact. Make sure you are buying the powder. Match your skin tone, and apply with a sponge, which you will have to buy separately. You could just about do this in the dark, takes about 20 seconds, and makes such a difference. Slick on your favorite lip gloss. There. You look so pretty. Stop right there if you want. If you want to do more, next should be:
    Some soft colored blush, apply with a sponge to your high cheekbones, or the apple of your cheek, whichever looks best on you. Forget the little brushes that come with powder and blush. Find a nice sponge for a pretty finish. You will use powder liberally, then brush it off. Forget little dabs Keep your sponges clean by wetting with warm running water, squirt on a little hand soap, or rub on a bar of Ivory, squeeze through several times, then back under the running water until rinsed really, really well. Do this every few days, don't give bacteria a chance..
    Eyes: Deal with your eyebrows. Everyone is different. Mine are thin. I use good old Maybelline, the red pencil. Keep well sharpened. I am brunette, but the dark blonde is perfect, never looks harsh. Eyeliner: Maybelline Define a Lash. Most people look good with a thin line on the outer half of the upper eyelid. Apply a few strokes of Maybelline Great Lash waterproof mascara, because, you never know when a few tears may appear. Remove with the greatest remover in the world, Albolene. Find at the drugstore. Apply Albolene with your fingertips to the eyelashes and lid area, and wipe off with a washcloth. Keep a stack of washcloths just for this purpose. They will be stained but clean after washing. Albolene never stings! I have used expensive removers that definitely did sting.
    Basic makeup that takes perhaps five minutes. If you don't do anything else, please use the powder, especially anyone who is troubled with shiny areas, red areas, uneven skin tone. If you have perfect skin, disregard.
    There were so many good skin care tips given in the previous comments. Have fun!