15 October 2013

My Show Space

In these photos the weather looks so pretty right?.....well, a few minutes later, Mother Nature decided to turn on the wind machine....as well as the time to freeze your buns off button....and it stayed windy and really cold the whole show. Even with the weather to contend with, the show was great.

Laurie and Jeff always put on a great show....and I always love visiting with the shoppers.
For this show, I painted the furniture all sorts of different ways. I made some homemade chalk paint...which I have to say turned out to work better than I thought. You see that large round dining table in the photo above (which had a formica top), I painted that with the homemade chalk paint and it turned out great...it looked even better after I used some dark wax on it to mute the gray color a bit. I also did some dry brushing and watered down paint too....and let me tell you, I love using dark wax to mute and age the freshly painted furniture. The wax just gives it this wonderfully aged look and gives the paint some dimension.....the other great bonus is that it seals the paint too...love that.



  1. Nice work Andrea. I'm glad the show was a success despite the crazy weather!

  2. Your space looks really nice. I like all the different colors together.

  3. Happy to hear that the show was great! Your space looks very creative with lots of "goodies". I'm nervously preparing for my first big show on November 9th ad 10th...it should be very exciting. Congratulations:)

  4. Beautiful pieces! Your booth looks amazing! Sorry about chilly weather and wind that's a bummer.

  5. Well I would shop your booth no matter what the weather...been a long time..hope your keeping well my lovely friend!xo

  6. Beautifully staged, Andrea!! Love it all!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. I thought after the June Shopkeeper & Friends Market we would get lucky & and have wonderful weather! Glad you joined us & your booth did look great!... as always... just like your home!
    Love you girl!
    Laurie :)

  8. Fabulous items, love the mix. We have our sale this coming weekend! Luky for us its inside, although I do think the outside markets are very Romantic, wind and all!