04 October 2013

A Little Sewing

In between painting some furniture and recovering some chairs and ottomans....I've been sewing.

This is just a little of what I've sewn....the rest is packed and ready to go. This is just a couple quick photos I took in my basement while getting the rest packed up.
See those pouffes I made....Jill from the super cute blog Sew a Fine Seam wrote a great tutorial in the Autumn issue of Celebrating Everyday Life Magazine and you can find the pattern for these on her sidebar. They were so fun to make....I'm actually looking forward to making more soon.

This is just a peek at the goods I'll have tomorrow at the Shopkeeper & Friends Show. I've found some great stuff like huge berry crates with the wood berry baskets still inside, french bistro chairs, french enamel pitchers, some euro shams, french books and of course some furniture.
If your local and feel like bundling up...come on by and say Hi!
The shows at:
The Whistle Stop
20711 Elkhorn Drive
Elkhorn, NE
(402) 289-0644
from 10am - 5pm
on Saturday, October 5th
P.S. I'll be opening up my etsy shop again soon....look for some new items to be added to the shop next week.


  1. Love the cute poufs, especially the blur striped one!! Save that for the Etsy shop:)))
    Have a great day!
    ~ Cheryl

  2. Oh my goodness, Andrea, these are beautiful! I'm in love with those poufs...that one with the yellow on it especially. Is that a feed sack of some sort? The items that you're going to have at the show sound so intriguing. I wish that I could come and check it out. It have to take a peek at your etsy shop once you have it rolling again :)

  3. I wish I could sew...but I can't so I'll enjoy your beautiful creations! Good luck on your show tomorrow....I hope you sell everything you take.

  4. Beautiful Andrea!! I love all of the stripped pillows!!
    Thank you so much for supporting the magazine by posting on it, I really appreciate it!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  5. How cute! Love those little round ones! Bundle up? Oh yes, I forgot how "early" it gets cold out there, having been born in Hastings, NE. Here in VA, it was 86 yesterday, 90 today. Rediculous! Or leaves haven't even changed color yet! It started cooling off, then reversed and we're due for cooler temps come Tuesday. Have a great show! Hugs, Leena

  6. Those are beautiful! Best wishes at your show! I know you will sell lots!

  7. Cute, cute. cute. I'm going to have to try a couple pouffes myself. They look so cute.