29 August 2013

Some Outdoor Projects

We've been pretty busy this summer with our outdoor projects. Most of the summer has been absolutely gorgeous...so lots of our projects have been getting checked off the list.

This is the 2nd year for our Limelight hydranges...and they are looking great....can't wait for them to fill out more. See that lavender inbetween the hydragenas...that's the lavender we planted about a month ago. I've been really lucky with lavender here....I have a few older bushes that give me loads of lavender.

Here's some proof of the work we've been doing (that's my 10-year old son helping out....he was great on the Bobcat). We tore out some grass and enlarged our driveway...and we had 35 tons of rock dropped off to make up the new driveway.
It's all coming together just how we envisioned it so far....although I do still have a lot of planting to do. We're going to be using the same planting materials throught our yard to make it feel cohesive. If you follow my outdoor inspiration board on Pinterest, then you'll notice I've been pinning a lot of hydrangeas, lavender and boxwood. I'm going for a european farmhouse look with lots of potted herbs and boxwoods. I'll show you more as it comes together.


  1. oh wow what a great helper you have there! Your garden sounds wonderful. We have the same type of plantings, hydrangea, lavender and boxwood...only on a smaller scale!
    Great inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  2. Kudos on your thriving lavender!
    Betcha you have relatively sandy soil, because that's what they love.
    Betcha, also, your son was in Heaven on that Bobcat!
    Kay @ redbirdv.wordpress.com

  3. It looks just as wonderful in the photos as it does in person! Now will you come do mine! ;)

  4. It is looking amazing Andrea!Love your garage door! I too have limelight hydrangeas and with our drought this year they are not looking well :-(

  5. Beautiful choices. I dare not show my husband your 10-year-old in the BobCat; he'll want one! Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  6. Hi Andrea! Everything is looking picture perfect. You must be having so much fun putting it all together. See you on Pinterest :)

    Best wishes,