17 January 2013

bathroom details

As promised.....here are some details about our bathroom makeover....Oh....and if you'd like to see the before of our bathroom, you check it out here.
I'd have to say the number one question I received is....where did I get the sinks. We bought them at Menards, which is a home improvement store. Unfortunately, they no longer carry them. We happened to find one sink at one store and the legs for another sink at another store....and the basin of a sink at yet another store....we did a lot of driving around to get 2 complete sinks. The best part....we only paid $110.00 for each sink....score!
The walls and floor are painted Cotton White, which is a Better Homes & Garden color that's available at Walmart....it's a beautiful warm white.
The rug is from Dash & Albert in the Staffordshire Stripe pattern.
The hooks for the towels are from Target....they have a great vintage industrial look to them.
For the shelf above the towels and the doors on the cabinet we used old fencing we had lying around. A quick sanding unveiled a beautiful worn wood...perfect for adding some warmth to this mostly all white bathroom.
The lights above the mirrors came from Lowes....they're actually outdoor lights. We bought ours on clearance for $20.00 each....I found some at Lowes that look very similar....you can find them here.
I hope I answered all of your questions. If I haven't....ask away.


  1. Oh my gosh, I lurve your bathroom! The mirrors, the row of towels, the sinks...love it all!


    B x

  2. It's light and fresh and i love it!

  3. I think you did such an amazing, beautiful job with the budget you had! Such a deal on those gorgeous sinks. We shop at Menard's all the time too.

  4. You have created a beautiful space. I love the sinks, the lighting and touch a rustic that the fence wood gives. It's all so lovely.

  5. Love your bathroom--we are finishing the attic and want a pretty sink as you will be able to see the sink! This looks like a piece of furniture and so glad you can still get them albeit a bit more expensive than $110--I only need one!


  6. Beautiful - every single thing is just beautiful! Love the lights and the sinks are just wonderful! And of course I love that it's so white!

  7. Lovely Lovely ;-)
    Love the way the basket shown in the white mirror, take up the wooden mirror. Clever move ;-)
    Best regards

  8. Soooo beautiful! I wish you a beautiful weekend! With love, Geli

  9. What a great bathroom. Love all the choices from the sinks, to the lights above the mirrors, and the pop of color in the rug.
    Mary Alice

  10. HI Andrea~ I just love your bathroom. It is very clean and fresh. Thanks for the great inspiration!
    ~ Cheryl

  11. Love it! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

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  13. So pretty! Meant to call you today and of course the day got away from me. Then I new the kiddos and hubby would be home and didn't want to interrupt your time with them. Lets get together soon!!!!
    Oh, by the way it's Laurie... just realized I'm signed in on the Olde Towne Elkhorn blog!

  14. Just beautiful, Andrea.
    Love it all....

  15. Fabulous! I love the old world french look!

  16. What a beautiful transformation! I would have never thought of using double pedestal sinks.We have a Menards here in town!What do you use for storage?I am jotting this idea down for a future master bathroom makeover!

  17. Hi Andrea,
    Wow, you guys did a fantastic job with your bathroom re-do and for an amazing price!!! I can't believe the cost of the sinks and the lights, awesome deal!!
    It turned out just beautifully!!
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. I LOVE it all, Andrea! The rustic wood against the beautiful warm white is just beautiful!!! And scoring on those sinks made it better yet! :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. Oh Andrea!
    It all comes together so lovely and fresh!
    Love it all.
    Thank you so much for sharing...
    it makes me want to get going and redo something!


  20. Hi Andrea!
    Love your bath makeover! I will be borrowing a couple ideas from you...The his and her mirrors are perfect!


  21. Andrea,
    Omg!!!! This bathroom is so so great. I love every inch of it. Love it all and great score on those sinks. I just realized I am not a follower of your blog. I am going to fix that!!!! Love your blog. I am going to put you on my awesome blog list too. Come by for a visit sometime. Love everything on your blog.

  22. Awesome!!! You have me drooling over your sinks. Even though you had to drive a ton, sweet score! Great job!