12 June 2012

summer bunting

 With summer about a week away.....I started thinking about making some summery decor....

 and this is what I came up with....scalloped bunting. To me, bunting just screams summer....and this would be perfect indoors....but I think I'll swag it between trees outside.

 My hydrangeas are loving the weather right now....I have rows of hydrangeas blooming.

 It also seems my little guy is loving the weather too. One of his favorite spots in the house is the window seat in the dining room....he loves to curl up there.

05 June 2012

weekend find

 This past weekend I went to my friend Laurie's Antique and Artisan's Show.....

 and picked up this little beauty......

a beautiful old strawberry tote.

I love how when you decorate with mostly white.....beautiful weathered pieces like this just pop.

I picked up a couple other things too.....and will show you those soon.

Laurie's show was great with lots of wonderful vendors and fantastic vintage and re-purposed junk. She'll be having another show in the fall....and I'll be sure to share the dates with you so you too can check out some great stuff.