29 May 2012

today's bounty

 Here's some of today's bounty.....

 cut fresh from my garden....

and now gracing my home.

I'm so lucky to be able to fill my home with fresh cut flowers from my garden. I have a row of lavender bundles hanging in my kitchen to dry right now too....I just love how they look lined up.

24 May 2012

valencia bottles

Aren't these bottles great....I just placed an order....

hello.....they're only $20.00 for a set of 3.....how could I not add them to my shopping cart.

22 May 2012

pretty idea number one....done

 Over the weekend I decided to try my hand at the cute coffee mugs I talked about here.

They were surprisingly easy....and fun. I ran out to the nearest store to pick up a couple enamel paints and just used the two plain white coffee mugs I already had on hand. I really like how they turned out....they're fun and whimsical. But of course....like most projects....my mind started racing at what other silhouettes I could make....and decided I would try my hand at making cups with our own portrait silhouettes on them. I'll let you know how they turn out....and maybe even show a tutorial on how to make your own portrait silhouette.

17 May 2012

pretty ideas

 Here are some pretty {and inexpensive} ideas of things to make this summer.

 First off....stenciled mugs. I can just see these on our farm table for Sunday breakfast....so cute. Just think of all the cool silhouettes you could design....is your mind racing yet. I do believe I see myself making these very soon....I'll keep you posted.

 Here's a cute idea....a simple grain sack inspired tablecloth....easy and cheap....done by the wonderfully talented Jennifer Rizzo.

Isn't this such a cool idea too. You could also use a clear glass candle holder in place of a vase....the shadows cast from the doily would look so pretty.

Happy crafting!

all photos via

15 May 2012

finally.....the basement stairs

 I'm happy to say....the basement stairs are finally done. To see how the stairs looked before....you check check them out here....they sure have come a long way.

 Pulling off the carpet did so much to help lighten up the space....it has such an airy feel now.

I'm pretty happy with how they look.....and I think they match this old farmhouse better than office carpeting did....don't you?

Subject change.....

Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow will be the last day my etsy shop will be open....don't forget to use coupon code SALE20 at checkout to get 20% off your order. Thanks again to all of you!

10 May 2012

do you.....

Do you wander around your home? That's what I'm doing today.....wandering around my house....while painting stripes.....and thinking I need to freshen things up a bit.

I don't know what it is.....but I can never seem to leave things alone. I always have to be moving things from room to room....shelf to shelf....or wall to wall. Sometimes I laugh out loud at how stupid I must look to someone who doesn't understand me.

08 May 2012

a small flock

Our flock has gone from a healthy bunch of 33.....to a sad little bunch of 4. Over the last few weeks, we have had an unwanted visitor (ahem....a fox) visiting us everyday  for lunch....yep....around lunchtime....like clockwork....everyday. We've tried our best to keep them safe....but to no avail. So....what are we to do...build a new chicken coop of course.

via here
 I love how the one above is covered in roses...so pretty don't you think?

via here
And of course I'm sure you've all seen Heather Bullard's beautiful coop.

We're going to make the next coop prettier....and more safe for our girls. Not that the girls know they'll have a pretty abode....but when I sit on the porch and watch them forage....I'll have a pretty view.

Now....where should I put "build chicken coop" on our to do list....before kitchen update....or after goat houses.

02 May 2012

taking a shop break

 I've decided to take a break from my etsy shop.

there's still plenty in my shop.....

plus.....I'll be adding a few more things this week.

So....if you've had your eye on something, you may be happy to know that I'm having a sale....just use code SALE20 at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order.

With that said....I'm hoping to have more time to blog. I've really been wanting to dedicate more time to it....and now I can.

I wanted to thank you all so much for taking the time to visit and shop my etsy shop.....your patronage is truly appreciated!

You can visit my etsy shop here.