30 March 2012


Here's a peek at some of the things I'll be adding to my etsy shop over the weekend.

But for right now, I'm going outside to enjoy this beautiful day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

27 March 2012

my camera....and photo editing

 I received a few emails asking what type of camera I use......after I guest posted on Maria's blog.
Well.....this is it. A Sony Cyber-shot point-n-click camera.....yep, point...and...click. A couple years ago I wrote this post about my camera....and yes, I still use the same camera....and it still works pretty darn good for a camera under $200.00....and actually, I just went on Amazon and you can get a very similar camera for around $100.00...that's not too shabby.

So....if you want good pictures you really don't need to spend much...but you do need to practice with composition and lighting. I also don't know anything about Photoshop....but I do use a free photo editing website to help my photos.

As many of you may know....Picnik will be closing on April 19th....to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. That's what I've used for a few years now....and I love them. They were my photo editing website of choice...but don't despair....I've found a great new site to help you get your photos looking tip top....it's Picmonkey (which was started by a couple Picnik engineers)....so you know it's gonna be great. When I go in to edit my photos....the main things I use are exposure and sharpen....just to brighten them up a bit and make sure they are sharp....and that's pretty much it. The secret is to try to get the best photo you can straight from the camera so that you don't have to do a lot of editing. So, there you have it....my photo tips for the day.

If you have any questions....ask away.

23 March 2012

i'm guest posting....

 If your looking for me today.....

 you can visit me at Maria's blog Dreamy Whites. I'm guest posting about outdoor movie night.

 Oh.....and I also did a little etsy update today in my shop.....

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

all photos taken by me.

19 March 2012

homebound...spring edition

 You ready for a little spring inspiration.....well here it is.....

Heather's Homebound e-zine is out.....among the pretty pages you'll find ideas about....table settings, photography, bringing the outdoors in and a great article about ironstone....oh....and if your in the mood to sew, I did a little door stop tutorial too.....intrigued....

I thought you might be....and to tempt you a little more....a line-up of the wonderful contributors....

 Courtney from French Country Cottage

Mary from Urban Farmgirl

Janet from Shabby Fufu

Kristen from Faded Prairie

Maria from Rusty Hinge 

Becky from Buckets of Burlap

Click here to sign up for Heather's free e-zine....Homebound.

14 March 2012

i'd like to introduce you to....

 Miss ugly....our main floor bathroom. The above photo shows how it looked when we bought our home. Does this not totally look 80's or what....funny thing is....it was redone in 2005. When we moved in, I knew we couldn't do anything right away....but I also knew I couldn't live with the bathroom like this either. I painted the walls, trim, door and cabinets until we were able to redo it our way.....well.....that time has come.

Here's where we're at today....demolition (said in a manly monster truck voice).

12 March 2012

have you seen this show?

If you haven't....and you love old houses....salvaged material....and weathered patinas....

you need to watch this show....The Bronson Pinchot Project.

I have to admit....I have a bit of a crush on him (don't worry my hubby already knows)....he loves architecture and restoring old homes....but not in the way most people do. He restores homes with salvaged materials and leaves them as is....meaning....he doesn't sand the old paint off, he leaves the materials in their found state.

The inside....and outside of the home he working on right now is amazing. Last week he did a library in the home....with yummy plastered walls...old weathered mouldings and doors....a gorgeous old fireplace....and sparse decor....I loved it!

So....you ready to watch it....the show is on Saturday's at 9:30pm (central time) on the DIY Network.....
but don't hesitate to watch it....he only has 3 shows left....but I'm really hoping that they'll pick up another season of his show....I mean he did buy 5 homes, 2 stores, a former hall and the local post office in Hartford, Penn....so he's got plenty of projects to share with us.

photo via

11 March 2012

etsy stuff

Just a quick post to let you know I've just added some new goods to my etsy.....

Have a wonderful day!

09 March 2012

a space for "hers"

If your looking for some inspiration on how to make a little spot just for you....Hers by Jacqueline deMontravel can help. The book encompasses many styles and lots of great tips on how to add a feminine touch to your home.

The book shows you how can take the smallest of corners and turn it into a space just for you....no room inside you say....how about a little corner in your garden.

In the words of Jacqueline DeMontravel....."every woman deserves one place that is unapologetically hers"....I couldn't agree more!

So now that the weekend is upon us.....are you going to try to carve a little space in your home that's all you.

05 March 2012

a peek

Here are a couple more peeks into my basement. It's like I said in my previous post....the main parts of the basement are done....it's just about getting the little stuff to feel right....like pillows and accessories. That part usually takes the longest for me...its' all about finding the right piece for that corner....or the right pillow for the sofa.

That being said....to me, it's the funnest part. I love to have something to look for....or finding a new piece that inspires a new direction. I have no quarrels about changing direction....color scheme....or style....what you see today in my home....may not be what you see tomorrow.

But I know guys can totally relate....right ;o)

03 March 2012

next room please....

Now that the basement is pretty much finished.....it just needs some tweaking here and there.....and another coat of paint on the stairs....{I promise to show you when I'm all done}.....I thought it's time to move onto the next room.

And I gather....from these photos....you can tell which room that is. We have one bathroom left to redo in this ol' farmhouse.....and it's our main bathroom. We've been looking forward to fixing up this bathroom for some time now....because about 3 years ago, our pipes froze and burst in this bathroom and we have yet to seal up the hole under the cabinet....so it's in need of some tlc.

So, I thought I'd gather some inspiration from Pinterest....and boy....Pinterest did not disappoint. You should see my poor hubby.....as soon as I saw these photos of beautiful white bathrooms...I was ready to start tearing everything out....cuz I'm spontaneous like that....he on the other hand is not.....I guess I need someone to hold be back sometimes.

Anyways, we are going to redo our bathroom on a small budget....with hubby being the furniture builder, plumber and electrician.....and me being the tile laying and painting sidekick. I'm so excited about this next project and just couldn't wait to tell all my girlfriends...that you guys!

Alright....alright....I'll let you all get back to your Saturday evening ;o)

All photos via my Pinterest board