10 April 2012

stair progress

I thought I'd show you my basement stairs progress so far. As you can see, in the photo below, I haven't committed to stripes yet.....why you ask....

well....see that first photo up above....with the beautiful aqua painted stripe....i love that....but after much debating (which was just me thinking too much) I've come to figure out why those stairs just won't work in my home.

The reason....all the painted stairs I see....that I love....all have painted floors to go along with them. My floors are not painted wood floors....they're stained wood floors....and to me, the white painted stairs and stripes look amazing with white floors....maybe not so much with stained wood floors. Do you see my dilemma.

So what I came up with is to paint an oatmeal colored stripe and then stripes in the center (like I've shown in the above photo, which is of my stairs currently). The reason I think this may look better is because the oatmeal color would blend the stairs in better with the hardwood floors.....then the stairs won't have such a stark contrast with my wood floors.

What do you guys think?

Any suggestions....I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I think it is a wonderful idea and will blend nicely with the wood floors. Can't wait to see this!

  2. I think that is a perfect solution.The oatmeal is a warm color which will work with your warm wood floors.

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  4. I completely agree Andrea, I think it will look beautiful with the oatmeal stripe!!
    I'm so excited to see it when your done!!~
    Have a lovely day.

  5. I totally agree too...but then again, you could paint them red with polka dots and make it look great in your beautiful home! :)

    I agree though that the oatmeal color will tie it all together. that will give you more flexibility too when/if you decide to change the flooring in the basement. looking good!

  6. I cant wait to see!! Im sure they will look great! :)

  7. You do the most amazing work...I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

  8. C'est un travail merveilleux que vous accomplissez... Créer une ambiance telle que vous le pensez avec les rayures bleutées me paraît une idée de bon goût...
    Bravo !

    Je vous remercie pour votre gentil commentaire laissé sur mon blog.
    Gros bisous à vous

  9. I like the first one the most ...no stripes for me i think.....love from me....xxx..

  10. Yes, maybe oatmeal is the right colour with the kind of floor you have in your home..
    Thank you for visiting me, it was a great surprise reading the comment of one of my favourite blogger ;)
    A big hug

  11. I have been waiting to see how your striped stairs turned out before I did mine. You are my inspiration. I do like the second choice.

  12. I like! I like!

    So was the 'shipment' ok?? Everything as it should be? ;o)


  13. I don't see a problem - maybe use oatmeal and add a thin stripe of colour (electrician's tape?) to see if you like it, take it off if you don't. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

  14. The oatmeal color with the stripes sounds like the perfect solution. I think there would be a more natural transition to the wood floors.
    Mary Alice

  15. I think your idea sounds great! Go for it :)

  16. I like your idea...it will look fantastic! I can't wait to see!


  17. Perfect idea, Andrea! Go for it! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. I think you're on the right track :)

  19. The oatmeal would be lovely...but honestly, you are so tlented that anything you choose will look beautiful. You have a true talent for decorating and it shows in everything you touch!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter...
    I have another "unique" idea for you (oh no...here I go again... LOL).
    I'll be sending you an email soon to fill you in. :)
    Have a beautiful week, Andrea.... xo

  20. Lovely idea! Am looking forward to seeing the results. We have a stairway that needs a little bit of help- this may be just the inspiration I need.


  21. I don't see a photo of stained wooden stairs, but thought you could see how the oatmeal colored stripe would look simply by using plain old masking tape, which is that color, to create a sample stripe. Teddee

  22. I took have been working on our dreaded stairs. Did a sneak peak posting. My other idea I didn't use was to take fabric, cut to fit the "back" of the stairs, soak in starch, press on like wall paper and bata~boom! Easy to remove, wipe clean if a person changes there mind. Think I seen the technique done on the Nate Show for Apt Walls. Best of luck can't wait for the reveal!

  23. Okay, I actually really like the grain sack on the stairs. Have you considered using it as a runner?

    Similar to this: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/grain-sack-stair-runner-100130

    And if you tire of it, you don't have to strip the stairs to change up the color... :)

  24. HI,
    Just hopped over from pinterest.
    I so excited for you and your stairs. I have wanted to do this ever since i saw a home in chicago burb that had a sort of MacKenzie Childs grey "dots" on white.... sounds weird but it is/was lovely. Onward though, You have such a great point about the base flooring. I think that with an off white background that transitions better into the flooring and then put a colored type of stripe that is true to you (strip type AND color) and you will be set to show it off to everyone :)
    Very excited for you.

    With Kindness,

    Thank you for the inspiration and courage on your stairs... my hubby is not ready for being so noticable... not yet :)