12 April 2012

bathroom tile

In between me painting the basement stairs....we're getting ready to start putting the bathroom back together. Hubby is done fitting the shower with Hardiebacker so that I can hopefully start tiling some time next week. There's still a few preparations we need to do before that can happen....like pouring the cement floor in the shower, sealing all the joints of were the Hardiebacker board meets and getting the shower seat ready for tile too.

The photo above shows what tiles we'll be using. The whole shower and seat will be done in white subway tile....and the floor of the shower will be done in the grey and white pebbles.

We were originally going to use 2x2 inch white carrera marble for the floor....but decided to go with something a little bit different...but in keeping with the same color scheme....and this is what we came up with.

Oh...and see the wood floor underneath the tiles....that's actually our porch floor....but that's a hint at what kind of flooring we'll be installing in the bathroom.

So there's my little bathroom update.

More to come soon....


  1. White subway tile is so classic. That's what I'll be choosing for both our bathroom and kitchen renos. Eventually.

    I love the pebble floor, though! So cute!

  2. Love the pebble tile floor for your bathroom. Looking forward to seeing more of your project.

  3. I love that stone flooring.It is going to look amazing.I really love your painted floors too.What kind of floors did you start out with?Did you have to sand and prime first?

  4. Hello! Very nice tile choices, and the pebble floor will add lots of character. I just posted our ugly bath photo's - it actually was gutted yesterday. More to come, but it's fun to see what you are doing especially since we are on that same path. I'll share our tile choices soon. Have a great day!

  5. It's a perfect combination. We are going to use subway tile in our kitchen renovation. It is so reasonably priced at Home Depot.

  6. I love everything you are doing...those muted colors will make your bathroom so restful. Love subway tile, too, I have it in my kitchen and it's so clean and shiny! Can't wait for the full reveal!


  7. Love it! It looks so beachy and calming :) My mom and dad actually just put that pebble tile in on their shower floor.....it feels neat on your barefeet ;)
    Oh and I am diggin on that rustic white floor!

  8. I'm in love with the pebbles. How amazing it's going to look.

  9. I can already tell it's going to be beautiful. Love those soft colors.

  10. Loving this Andrea!!! I've pretty much been wanting to update my bathroom since we finished it.. ooops, that is never a good sign.. LOL


  11. Sounds like it's going to be stunning! Can't wait to see it - loving those pebbles.

  12. Love subway tile, we used that in our kitchen! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product. Aren't home makeovers fun?? :)

  13. lol-one day on a whim I pulled out all my limestone tile above my kitchen sink & counters & added white subway tile-it just gives me a feeling of nostalgia & is so fresh & clean looking!can't wait to see your finished product-:) chris

  14. Andrea,
    I am using subway tile in my kitchen as well. It will look stunning with the pebble tiled shower floor. I have no doubt your renovation will leave my jaw on the floor.
    Your Friend,

  15. LOVE the pebble floor! Beautiful.
    I think you're in the wrong business, Andrea. Decorating seems to be your forte!
    Hope all is well...
    Have a beautiful weekend! xo

  16. Can you tell me please what you are sealing the stone flooring with? I've wanted to do this for ages!! Thanks!

  17. I have this in a spare bathroom that doesn't get much use. Love the look, feels fine under my feet, but that grout!! Soooo hard to keep clean! I don't know what I am doing wrong but I feel like I am on my hands and knees in that darn bathroom once a week scrubbing the grout with a little wire brush. It just gets dingy looking. Maybe it seems so hard to clean because it's not nice straight grout lines that you can run a brush right down? Who knows? I might choose a darker grout if I had it to do over...