19 March 2012

homebound...spring edition

 You ready for a little spring inspiration.....well here it is.....

Heather's Homebound e-zine is out.....among the pretty pages you'll find ideas about....table settings, photography, bringing the outdoors in and a great article about ironstone....oh....and if your in the mood to sew, I did a little door stop tutorial too.....intrigued....

I thought you might be....and to tempt you a little more....a line-up of the wonderful contributors....

 Courtney from French Country Cottage

Mary from Urban Farmgirl

Janet from Shabby Fufu

Kristen from Faded Prairie

Maria from Rusty Hinge 

Becky from Buckets of Burlap

Click here to sign up for Heather's free e-zine....Homebound.


  1. Thanks for sharing I had never heard of an e-zine so I am on my way over to check it out thanks!

  2. Hi

    I signed up for the magazine a few weeks ago. I found the issue in my e-mail yesterday! Looks beautiful! And it's so interesting that Heather added an article about Paris. It's a nice flea market, but the fleas of Lille, also in France, and Tongeren in Belgium are even better!!

    Hugs from Belgium

  3. I just got my issue and look forward to getting lost in it when every one else is snoozing and I am sleepless in NJ. :)

    Happy Spring, my friend!

  4. Just "found" you from over at Dreamy Whites- oh you have an amazing blog and awesome styling talents.


    I am your newest follower of your many fans!!

    Have a fabulous weekend.