10 February 2012

painted boxes

I went shopping the other day....and these are the pieces that spoke to me. I love painted wood....and to me these painted boxes are just what my basement needs. One of the big problems with my basement (which is a family room and my office) is that I never really decorated it. It was basically just an accumulation of furniture and stuff that just didn't fit anywhere else in my home... (does this sound familiar to anyone else?)...and that is were the problem lies...it was a hodgepodge of stuff....with no rhyme or reason to it. So to make it feel like the rest of my home...I'm clearing out the space....selling what doesn't work (even if it's something I love) and actually decorating this space. It'll take a while before it's all done...but I'll show bits and pieces as I go along.

Besides doing a little shopping....I've been painting....a lot! Here's a peek at the stairs leading to our basement....so far I've primed them...and already it looks a million times better than the carpet. It'll probably be a couple weeks before they're completely done because I have lots of coats of paint to apply....but I can't wait to see it finished.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi!
    Love your new things, especially the little blue box. They will great downstairs and I hope I get to shop the basement before you get rid of it all! :)
    The stairs look awesome...I have that thing you were looking for laying in my front yard right now. xo

  2. No wonder why these things spoke to you, they would to me if come my way. Your stairs looks much better, just waiting to finally see the rest.

  3. I wish my basement was still full of our furniture - now it's full of The Granny! (we had it converted into a little home for her!)
    Now all the excess furniture is in my workshop, bothering my creative space!
    fee x

  4. Oh Andrea, I am dying over those painted blue boxes!!I'm a sucker for wooden painted boxes too!
    The stairs are looking good, I can't wait to see the final result.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  5. I'm likin' the look of your stairs! It's gonna be neat:)

  6. Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see how the basement progresses!

  7. Knowing you, Andrea, that basement is going to look fabulous by the time you get done! :)

    xoxo laurie

  8. Love your painted pieces...those pretty blues!
    Have fun with your project...can't wait to see your basement all finished! :)

  9. The stairs already look great! Love the boxes too... such great colors! ... but, you went shopping without me! lol!

  10. Your stairs are looking beautiful!! I don't think I could have done a better job! I love the boxes and colors...you are well on your way to a beautiful space!!


  11. Love the boxes...
    I can't wait to see your stairs finished. I know they're going to look amazing...just like anything you do!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

  12. LOve your finds and your stairs look great!! xo

  13. You are a busy bee!! Hoe many stairs do you have?!! I'd love to have a basement. They're quite unusual in the UK but they sound such a lovely space.

    Anyway, LOVING your new finds!! Go you!


  14. great colors on the wooden boxes. they are going to be great mixed in to all your treasures. i need to pull some carpet off my stairs.

  15. cannot wait to see your stairs..oh, painting is hard work, but the reward is so pretty.
    happy day!
    stay warm,

  16. CRAXY about those boxes! The yellow one is just yummy! You were right, it is a perfect shade of yellow.

    Cant wait to see the stairs...call me weird, but I kinda like the whitewash look of just the primer!!


  17. See how excited I was...I can't even spell CRAZY!! HAHA!

  18. Did you see my box in my recent post? I can't wait to see what you do next. The stairs look great already

  19. I, too, love painted wood and those colors are amazing!

  20. Oh, I love painted stairs! I can't wait to see the transformation. And, thanks for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment.:)

  21. I know it's going to
    be fresh and pretty
    when it's done ~
    a lot like you : )

    Happy Valentine's Day,
    xx Suzanne

  22. Andrea,

    I am smiling in NJ as I look across the room at my last purchases while 'treasure' hunting -- wooden boxes! After seeing yours, I think I will paint mine too.

    Your Friend,

  23. Love the boxes. Looks so great.
    I have also paintet by basementstairs (2 pairs), and I know that it is a lot of work.

    Hugs Bente

  24. Good luck finishing your project! Those boxes are perfectly rustic and will bloend right in with your style of decor! andrea@townandprairie

  25. Andrea its going to be fabulous!
    I love the stairs!
    Those goodies you found too are adorable and the colours...beautiful!

    Deborah xoxo

  26. Love the painted boxes. I too like all the painted, chippy furniture. I just joined your blog and hope you will join my NEW blog. It's all about farm life, decorating, cooking, animals and lots more. Hope to see you there.