11 January 2012

a boys room

I just wanted to make this disclaimer.....these photos stink.....my little point-n-click camera did not do this room justice. It really looks much cuter in person...but I wanted to share with you what I've done so far in my sons room....okay let's move on....

This is my youngest sons room....a mix of farmhouse, industrial and sci-fi.

I spent a total of $56.00 for his makeover....that included $30.00 for some vintage accessories...$20.00 for the Yoda quote on his wall and $6.00 for a can of spray paint. Most of the free changes came way of paint...which I already had on hand. The photo above shows his old dresser given a new look with chalkboard paint...every boy needs a little help staying organized....and writing what belongs where in his drawers has helped a lot!

Below is a photo of his bookcase (which we already had)....it's just one of those cheap $45.00 bookcases from Target. To make it work in his new room...I just sanded it....primed it and painted it Grey Owl by Ben Moore. You can see in the pic above that it's still black inside....and being that it's FULL of Legos I needed some way of covering it up while still being easy to access....viola...a linen curtain (which I already had) on a tension rod worked great. Oh...and see that super cool vintage globe on the bookcase....that came way of Mary....thanks a million Mary....he loves it!

I also painted his bed Grey Owl...and the walls are painted in Seashell by Ben Moore....yep....I had that already too. I finally got around to painting his trim and doors white too (they were previously wood)....that made such a huge difference in there.

And here's were a little bit of ticking came in....the rug is Dash & Albert (had it already), the french ticking pillow on the white chair (had already) and his bedding is a light blue and white ticking duvet...yep...you guessed it....had that already too. The white euro sham is from my collection of euro shams and the grey cross pillow I purchased from here some time ago. And not that it's that noticeable, but I also spray painted his poster frames with Hammered by Rustoluem. They were previously black, but I wanted them to have a metal industrial look...I'm really happy with how those turned out.

Every boy needs some place to showcase is artwork....cuz the fridge can only hold so much....so here's were he can display what he's done in school.

And lastly.....here's his desk area. The desk is actually a potting bench that I already had and I just painted it with the same Grey Owl and added a metal stool I had in the garage. He loves his desk....it's high like an architects desk...and he thinks that's so cool. The metal painters tray hanging above his desk is were he keeps his Lego mini figures. He just loves that he reach for one without having to look through his huge box of Legos to find them (the large white box to the left of his desk is were we keep his Legos).....plus I think it makes for some great art.

So there you have it....a peek into a boys farmhouse/sci-fi room. I really tried to keep his personality in the room....hence the Star Wars toys scattered about....but with a little bit of farmhouse mixed in. He gave me rave reviews on his room....and actually spends time up there now. Although I think our couch will miss him...you see...he used to never sleep in his room....he said it was too far from my room, so the couch became his bed. But now he enjoys his room so much....that he sleeps in there every night....now that alone tells me I did a pretty good job.


  1. Andrea, you did a wonderful job, boys rooms are not the easist to decorate and you did GOOD! love the globe and the desk has to be my favorite with the old stool! soo cool! thanks for sharing!! xo

  2. Such an adorable room. It looks so inviting and very organized too. You did an awesome job! Give yourself a pat on the back :) Happy New Year! -Al

  3. Love the room makeover and it sounds like your son does also. Cute idea for his desk.

  4. Hi Andrea~ It is all so sweet. I love the shelving for the Lego figurines. Adorable. Perfect for a little boy:)

  5. I love the redo. Love that you used the printers tray for the mini lego people. So cute.

  6. So, glad to finally see it! It looks wonderful! Makes me want to do a re-do... or have you do a re-do for me! Ha! You can tell his mama loves him!
    Laurie :)

  7. So cute! And I {LOVE} the globe...wink...wink...it all looks pretty fantastic! The colors are perfect, the curtain on the bookcase is a great idea and his little desk area is something I want!!!! That stool is way cool!

    And can I just tell you, this is the wordiest post I think you have ever written. I like it. ;o)


  8. That is lovely, clean and boyish, ans so well organised!

    I wrote contents on my husband's drawers and it helps - he'll learn to put stuff away any day now...

  9. Very Very cute and well done! I'm impressed! I can see why he loves it so much! I have an 8 year old GIRL who would probably love it just as much - she's very much my tomboy:)

  10. Hello,

    It all looks great! My boys would live this room. Especially love the Yoda quote and a place to put all their Lego mini figures.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love it all! It looks perfectly boyish with a lot of style thrown in! The Gray Owl color is fabulous, so is the desk area. I love the bedding, too. I had to smile, my daughters slept on the couches for the longest time because their room was at the other end of the house. I thought I was the only one!


  12. It's all perfect! LOVE it! :) Funny you had mentioned Seashell by BM - that was one of the colors that I had chosen to sample for my little one's room. Though not sure if it will work out just yet bc his room doesn't get that much light. All the colors you have chosen came out great! :) And the lego figure collection display is super cute!


  13. So many great ideas in putting together your son's room.
    Mary Alice

  14. Love the room, my boys are lego lovers, I especially like the desk and the display shelf for Legos. I am hoping to redo my son's room this year too. I will definitely be using your room as inspiration. Thanks for sharing !

  15. Wowwwww...it look great darling !! my compliments !!....you did a great job !!...love ...xxx...

  16. Love this room!! As a mom of 3 boys, I give you a big thumbs up for allowing his personality to shine in the room : ). I'm going to use the simple string and clothespin method to display artwork. Great simple idea!

  17. Bravo! I really love how you created a livable room for your little guy. You really did marry your two tastes well! As a mom of 3, 2 of them being little boys, it's really hard to find inspiration for boys' rooms that are actually real and that allow kids real interests and toys to remain a part of the room. You did a great job of this!

  18. Perfect boys room! Especially love the desk with stool. Girl, you had some great finds on hand! It looks wonderful, and I'm sure he is so proud :)
    I want to try some of these ideas in my little guy's room, thanks for the inspiration!

  19. My favorite kind of room, creative and one-of-a-kind!
    Well done......:)

  20. Yes, you certainly did do a very good job! The rooms looks absolutely wonderful, full of vintage charm. Where did the grey pillow with the cross come from? I love it!

  21. Andrea,
    That is my kind of makeover! I love all the details and how you made do with all the things you had. We should be repurposing more and consuming less, I think! And you did it all for how much! That's great! So cool that he loves it now.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. I love how the room turned out, Andrea. A couple of weeks ago, I started the process of redoing my boys' room. It was going along splendidly until we returned to school after winter break and then I lost my organizing mojo in the busyness of real life. Still, it is much better than before. Less stuff already and more room so the boys are happy with it. My oldest who is now 16 used to love Legos and was always making something! I miss those days. Now he's all about music and friends. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  23. Awesome job!

    You are so lucky to have a Benjamin Moore dealer near you. The closest one for me is 100 miles away. I love their colors and paint.

    The industrial stool and linen curtain really pull this together.

  24. Great job! I love the linen curtain covering the bookshelf. I might have to use a similar idea in my studio!

  25. Beautiful job, Andrea! It's not the easiest decorating for a boy...I know!
    As always, you do it with incredible style.
    ...And once again... I found myself ohhhhhing and ahhhhhing over my recent package from FADED PLAINS. Your "presentation" is just amazing. I find myself staring at all the little 'extras" before I even look at what I've actually purchased! :) :)
    You are really blessed with such incredible talent.
    Wishing you a beautiful week~
    Lisa xo

  26. Gives me idea to do for my three month old son when he is older. I'm a Star Wars fan, love all the Star Wars touches.

  27. Oh, Andrea you did such a great job in his room.
    I love it.
    I just had to get rid of the boys' beds. They became too small. So now they pull out a sleeper sofa in their room. I so want to do something in their room. It really needs some TLC.
    This does get me in the mood.
    Thanks for sharing.