27 October 2011

boy inspiration

Here's just a few of the things I've found to insert some farmhouse/industrial decor into my sons room....

an old painters tray....metal wire baskets....and a super cool old metal plane....thanks Laura!

The large white box is what we keep his Legos in and I think it goes great with his new finds.

So...I'm hoping I'll be done painting his room in the next couple days....only to begin painting his bed and desk....so it'll be a little longer before I can show it to you...but by giving you a peek at what I'll fill his room with....you'll get an idea of what direction I'm going in.

Stay tuned!

24 October 2011

i'm still paintin'

As much as I love painting....after a week of it....I'm kinda pooped....and I'm still not done.

I mean....I love painting furniture and watching it go from ho hum to wow in a couple hours....but painting moldings and doors....not so much.

The boys rooms are the only two rooms that I had yet to paint the molding or doors....they're still wood....so in an effort to have the whole house more cohesive....I'm painting them now....well at least one of them.

So that's where I am....still painting....ugly baseboards and doors....

have I mentioned I don't like painting moldings and windows and doors....well I don't ;o)

And the photos above have nothing to do with this post....I just took them to share with you because I thought you'd rather see those than ugly primed doors....or my new white painted on highlights ;o)

17 October 2011

shop goods

I've added some new things to my shop today....like this great old flower basket....

this super cute windmill....

and this cool vintage aqua fan.

I've also been painting....a lot!

Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to show you my son's sci-fi/farmhouse room.

13 October 2011

boys farmhouse bedroom

After trying to find some boys farmhouse stye bedrooms for inspiration....I noticed.....that there really aren't any.

What I did find for inspiration.....was some blue ticking bedding.....I think it screams farmhouse....and I think it would be perfect for my 8-year old son.

I plan on having my hubby build him a desk....and adding some industrial farmhouse style accents.

My son did say his Godzilla and Star Wars posters had to stay....and that we may need to add some dinosaurs in the mix {because he wants to be a Paleontologist}.

Sounds like quite the eclectic mix....a little farmhouse....a little sci-fi....and a sprinkle of prehistoric.

Wish me luck!

photo via country living

06 October 2011

a peek into....

I thought I'd show you some newer photos of my bedroom today.

There's not many photos because the room is pretty small....being it's an old farmhouse....most of the rooms in the house are small.

There's only 3 pieces of furniture in here ( and a couple accent pieces).....as I wanted to try to keep it as light and airy as I could. The truth is....I really don't need much in here....as I don't like t.v.'s or phones in my room....so basically I just need someplace to set a book down....and hold our jeans.

03 October 2011

a new farmtable

My hubby finished my farmtable a little over a week ago.....and I'm in love.
It's everything I wanted it to be....a little rustic to play off the chandelier....and made by his hands.
I love that it's much more narrow than my old farmtable....it's so much better for conversation....not to mention passing the mashed potatoes.
I love the planked top and chunky square legs.
I decided to keep the top natural (with a coat of wax for protection) and just paint the bottom half.
Here's one of the details I love most about the table....hubby inserted dowels on the top were the screws are to make it look like it had been put together with wood only. I also think it makes it look like it may have been a barn door....which I love.
So....there it is....my farmtable....loving made for me by my "I can make anything" hubby.