29 September 2011

finds with sarah

Earlier this week Sarah from My Yellow House came over for a visit and I took her to a couple of my favorite hunting spots. Here's what I found....this super cool melamine tray....

I love the color and texture of it....it'll be perfect by the fire to hold our smores supplies....and it only cost $1.00....score!

And this lovely platter came home with me too. I have a couple covered casserole dishes that look very much like this one....love the muted blue color....and at $3.95....I couldn't pass it up. Can you say.....score again!

And lastly......these 2 farmhouse beauties found their way to my truck as well. I love them for so many reasons....the white paint.....the spindle legs....the fact that they match. Milking stools are surprisingly hard to find here....or at least they are for me....so when I saw these, I just knew I had to have them. They fit perfectly with my new farmtable (which I'll be posting about very soon) and the seats on them are quite large....so these would also make perfect side tables for some adirondack chairs by the fire.

Well....that's all for my finds....but I did find a few to add to my etsy shop too. And as for Sarah....she did good too. She found some gorgeous linens....like a beautiful white linen bed sheet (it's so yummy) and a pair of darling pillow covers embroidered with red...they are so cute!

How's the hunting been in your neck of the woods?

27 September 2011

another tasty tuesday

So here's another recipe that my son tried and enjoyed....(above is the basil butter spread with fresh french bread....yum!)

This one is Basil Grilled Chicken....it's a really nice light meal.....

and with just a few ingredients....

this is what you'll end up with....does that not look wonderful.

I'm such a proud mama!

22 September 2011

a new coffee table

After almost a year without a coffee table....I'm happy to say that I now have a place to rest my....well....coffee.

The cost....$3.00.....we had all that we needed but one piece of wood. So after the hubby built it for me....I dry brushed it with a beautiful shade of grey paint I had on hand called Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore.

Here's what it looked like before it got it's little makeover.

Next up.....a farmtable.

20 September 2011

tasty tuesday

My 15-year old son....a chef in training.

For the last couple of years now he has mentioned that he'd like to be a chef....and there's no better time to start practicing....than right now. He went through my cooking books, magazines and online and came up with a few dishes he'd like to try....and here's a great one he'd like to share with you.

Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Marsala Sauce and homemade french fries

The sauce adds so much to the steak....I don't even care for mushrooms....but I loved this sauce. And I love that he's found something that he's really interested in....I want to encourage him to keep it up....he's actually very good at it.....and on a more selfish note....it's so nice to have someone else cook for me once in a while.

You know....I could really get use to this.

We'll be sharing more recipes with you as he tries them.

17 September 2011

a giveaway

I'd love to share someone wonderful with you....her name is Heather....and she's amazing.
She has the most wonderful blog and shop....which she stocks with the most amazing things.
Heather makes these wonderful soap pumps....and see that gorgeous shelf above....she made that too....does she rock or what.
I'm inspired not only by her beautiful products.....but her photography is just like eye candy.
You really must pay her a visit at Post Road Vintage....I promise you'll just love her too!
Oh...and if she wasn't sweet enough already...she's having a giveaway right now....she's bought a $50 coupon from my shop....to give to one of her lucky readers....I told ya....she's amazing, right.

Click here to enter her giveaway.
Heather's giveaway ends on Sept. 23rd at midnight.
Have a wonderful weekend!

15 September 2011

just in....

Here's some fresh new items that I've just added to my etsy shop....like this super cute enamel colander...I have one just like it and use it all the time to rinse my fruits and veggies.

some metal flower frogs....

and a darling set of scalloped ironstone butter pats...love these! I use my old butter pats to hold olive oil for dipping crusty french bread....and I also use them to hold individual servings of syrup for french toast sticks....Oh....and you can of course use them for butter pats too.

Before I go I wanted to share a new etsy shop with you....it's called Primstop. Laurie is just wonderful and always finds amazing things...make sure to check it out.

Come back tomorrow....I have a giveaway to share with you.

07 September 2011

a little pretty....

Finally.....a little pretty for our dirt road.

Can I just say.....a nice shade of pink spray paint is not easy to find.....and with home improvement stores....a 60-mile round trip.....and having to go back 3 times to find the right shade of pink....well....let's just say this easy and cheap makeover has cost about $16.00 in ugly paint colors.....and $45.60 in gas.

So.....about 180 miles later.....I finally have a soft pink mailbox.....and it just well may be the most expensive mailbox in town.