25 July 2011

summers bounty and a winner

Here's a peek at what I collected from my little garden today. It seems to me when you eat something you've nurtured....it just seems to taste better. I have l.o.a.d.s. of tomatoes that are just about ready to pick.....I see a tomato, basil and mozzarella salad in my future.

Now....on to my giveaway winner.....it's you Deb S. ....that's right....Deb from Union Street Musings (http://www.unionstreetmusings.blogspot.com/) is the randomly choosen winner of my $50.00 etsy shop giveaway. Thanks so much to everyone who participated....I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

18 July 2011

giveaway time

I thought I'd do a little giveaway today....you in?
You know my giveaway rules right?
the rules are sweet and simple....
just leave a comment on this post....that's it.

What's the giveaway you ask....$50.00 to spend in my etsy shop....how's that sound. I'll also be adding some new stuff to my etsy this week....so you'll have some new stuff to choose from. The giveaway ends Sunday, July 24th.

I hope everyone's staying cool....it's crazy hot and humid here in the midwest.

07 July 2011

a new bench....

Like I need another one.....but this one is the most amazing shade of pale aqua....she fits my sofa perfectly.

I bought her a little while back while shopping with sweet Sarah (http://www.meandmyyellowhouse.blogspot.com/) remember....blogger won't let me link anymore...ugh.

See the cute enamel lunch pail...I love her too....every time I look at it, it reminds me of where I bought her....at a flea market in France. It was about 7 years ago that I was in Paris....shopping the flea markets and sipping on cafe au lait while admiring the Eiffel Tower....I so need to go back.

This is just a photo of my pink peonies....there a bloomin' right now....I love scattering them around the house....the beautiful shade of pink just makes me smile....and what's up with me and pink lately....I'm usually not a pink kinda girl....but I'm sure lovin' it right now.

02 July 2011

around the yard

Just wanted to show you a peek at how Ollie's doing...that's her by the pail. She's the sweetest goose....what's so cute is that she'd rather hang out with us then with Annabelle our other goose.

The photo above shows Annabelle doing her morning yoga.

And here are some of our wildflowers. 2 years ago we planted a ton of wildflower seeds on our hills...last year it was full of red poppies...this year we started out with purple flowers and now we have yellow....I love not knowing what's gonna pop up next.

Well....I'm off to collect some eggs....wishing you all a wonderful and Happy 4th!