31 May 2011

a shopkeeper & friends show

I was invited to sell at the 1st annual Shopkeeper & Friends Show that's being put on by the sweet Laurie of The Whistle Stop. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this....and my emotions range from super excited.....to super nervous. The shows this weekend, June 4th from 9-4. I took some photos to share with you of some of the things I'll be bringing....

some vintage....

some handmade totes and linen towels....

and some handmade pillows....

and lots....lots more.

If your free Saturday....and like me....wish there was a great place to shop vintage and handmade.....then come for a visit....I'd love to meet ya!

Here's all the info....

The Whistle Stop presents....

Shopkeeper & Friends....a antique and artisan show.

when: Saturday, June 4th

where: 20711 Elkhorn Dr. Elkhorn, Nebraska

phone: 402-289-0644

Hope to see ya there!

26 May 2011

some peonies...and a winner

As you can see.....my peony bushes are filling my baskets with beautiful ruffled loveliness.

I just love being able to go to my garden and pick fresh flowers...it's one of my most favorite things to do.

And now....on to the the winner of Sara's beautiful giveaway.....

The winner was choosen using random.org....and it's lucky #2....congratulations Stefanie! Make sure to email me Stefanie so that I can get you into contact with Sara.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

23 May 2011

dream finds

If you read my blog.....then you've heard me mention that Nebraska is not known for having flea markets. Being I was born and raised in California, every weekend was spent at some fantastic flea market....once we moved here.....basically....my flea market days were over. Now, I've come to find 2 flea markets here...yep that's right...a whopping 2! This weekend was the first one....and I have to say....I was beyond estatic to come home with these 2 finds....

an old pink farmtable!

now....I'm not usually a pink kinda girl....but this table is gorgeous....and you hardly ever see original pink painted farmtables....at least not here in corn country....and that may be why it's even more beautiful to me.

and here is my other find....a vintage french wine jug in it's original crate...can you believe this find! I almost fell over running to this thing. I had been looking for one forever....and I found it here....in the middle of cornstalks!

The sweet lady I bought this from said she found it full of wine in an old farmer's barn....she liked it...so he gave it to her free....the price she sold it to me.....$10.00.....gasp...right? If you look these up, they usually cost somewhere between $100 and $230 bucks....I paid $10.00....gasp...again!

These have to be 2 of my all-time favorite finds......eva!

Oh....and the pink farmtable wasn't even actually for sale....the guy had a bunch of stuff on it....treating her like she was some ugly ol' table. I saw a touch of pink under all the junk....and had to ask him if she was for sale....he said he wasn't planning on selling her....but that I could take her home with me for $60 bucks....I said....gett'er loaded.

Ahhhh....I love me a good flea market.....or even one that's not so good....but that you happen to find two of your dream finds.

20 May 2011

a giveaway

Do you like lace, millinery and ribbon....then keep on reading.

Sara has a darling etsy shop called Once Upon A Time were she offers beautiful vintage laces and millinery...as well as vintage inspired jewelry she designs herself.

Sara has graciously offered one of my readers a little package of goodness. The goodness being some lovely lace, ribbons and millinery.

Okay....so all you gotta do is jump on over to Sara's etsy shop and take a look around...then come back and leave me a comment on what'ya like....that's it.

The giveaway ends Wednesday, May25th and I'll announce the winner on Thursday, May 26th.

Wishing you ALL a wonderful weekend!

18 May 2011

fabric wallpaper

One of the questions I got asked most through comments and emails about my entryway makeover was....how'd you hang the fabric....here's the answer.

First step is to decide on some fabric....I love this Natural Hatley by Cabbages & Roses.

After you cut your fabric to the desired size, get a bucket and a bottle of starch and soak the fabric...this only takes a minute....just make sure the entire piece of fabric is wet.

Next....hang it up. The process of hanging it was pretty simple...although you may need an extra set of hands to help hold the fabric up while you adjust it. Smooth the wrinkles out and viola....fabric wallpaper. Imagine all the projects you could use this application for. The best part....when your ready to change it up....it literally peels away like a sticker leaving the walls mess free.

To finish up the edges we added some thin moulding and called it done!

16 May 2011

the reveal

Okay....so this is it....the big Cabbages and Roses reveal.

This post is jam packed with photos....and I'll let them do most of the talking....but please....if you have any questions about something you see....ask away....and if you want to see how this room looked before....you can check it out here.

The wall above is where I used the gorgeous C&R Natural Hatley wallpaper. Did you notice....the risers and moulding are painted white.

Love the C&R Provence Toile pillows.

The photo above shows how I used C&R's Natural Hatley fabric to "wallpaper" my wall. The area above the wainscotting is actually fabric that I soaked in starch and hung on the wall. It's a fantastic way to have the feeling of wallpapaer, but without the commitment. Whenever your ready for a change, you just peel the fabric off like a sticker....and viola....you have clean walls. Just imagine all the gorgeous fabrics you could use this way....okay....so is your mind racing right now.

With some of the leftover Natural Hatley fabric I had....I sewed me up this beautiful tote.

Here's a better look at the tote I made. I followed the directions in Christina Strutt's book Romantic Home Sewing to make the tote. This book is great...there's so many cute projects.

So....there it is. I really loved this project....my goal was to do an unexpected room and try to use Cabbages & Roses fabric in a different way....and I'm so happy with the results.

But wait....there's more....

now you can jump on over to Mary's blog and see her guest room makeover....it's amazing!

I also wanted to take a moment to thank Christina, Suzie, Lilly and everyone else at Cabbages & Roses for their wonderful support...and for giving me the chance to do this amazing project.

11 May 2011

i heart jeanne oliver designs

Jeanne Oliver has just released her new line....Town and Country....and it is amazing.

sadie purse

vintage 264 plate bracelet

mary kate peasant dress

These are just a few of the things I love....but there's so much more. Jeanne is also having the most amazing giveaway....a $500 gift certificate to her gorgeous shop. Visit her blog to enter...good luck!

All photos courtesy of Jeanne Oliver

09 May 2011

romantic prairie in wallstreet

Fifi's book has made it to Wall Street!

Romantic Prairie Style in the April 23, 2011 edition of The Wall Street Journal

Romantic Prairie Style ranked #6 in sales on Nielsen Bookscan for two weeks in a row in the Hardcover House & Home category, as reported in theBest-Selling Books listing (week ended April 17th) in the April 23, 2011 edition of The Wall Street Journal Circulation: 9,963,418

I'm so proud of you Fifi!

Oh....and in case you hadn't heard....Romantic Prairie Style sold out...can you believe it. They're running a 2nd edition which should be out in 1-3 months....way to go Fifi!

05 May 2011

urban plains project...reveal...coming soon

Just a quick post to let you know.....

that the Urban Plains project reveal will be coming soon....Thursday, May 12th to be exact.

so....stay tuned.