31 March 2011

bedroom chandelier

While I'm busy working on another part of my home...again...I thought I'd share with you the chandelier I bought for my bedroom.

I've had it up for a couple of months now...and I love it.

It came with a few crystals...I added some more...along with some crystal chains. Love the beaded frame.

This is a new chandelier.... I looked f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for a vintage one....but couldn't find the right one....so new it was....but new's not so bad....as long as it has a vintage feel....it works for me.

My bedroom re-do is pretty much done...I'll share it with you soon.

I'm off to add some new goods to my etsy.

29 March 2011

clock info

I received lots of comments and emails asking where exactly I purchased my supplies to make my copy of the Roost clock....so here's the list....

1. the 2" tall wood letters I purchased here....this was my reserved listing, but you could as him to make another listing for you.

2. the 1.5" wood letters were purchased from here.

3. the clock hands and mechanism were purchased here.

4. the silver metallic paint was from Michael's.

5. I purchased the blue adhesive putty from a local office supply store.

Now....just paint your wood numbers, clock hands and mechanism and hang.

That should do it....with these few supplies you too can make a clock....

just like this one.

26 March 2011


I love getting into a made bed....

or so I thought....

lately....I've been getting into a messy bed.

You may not be able to tell from these photos....but I haven't really been making my bed lately....and I love how it looks all rumpled with the pillows just thrown on. Normally I'm a bit weird about making my bed...everything had to be lined up just right....and pulled tight with no wrinkles.

Now....it's a bit messy and wrinkly...and it looks so much more inviting to me....Yaaaay....that's one less chore I have to do every morning.

Happy Saturday!

Oh....and see the euro shams in the front....with the lace....I've got lots of those lined up for my etsy shop....they're coming soon.

23 March 2011

a diy clock project

Wanna make this clock for around $27.00.....then keep on readin'

I was inspired by Maria's clock over her fireplace....I l.o.v.e.d. it....but not the price ( Roost clock $110.00)

I'm the kinda girl who says...."I can so make that for cheaper"....and this is one occasion where I'm happy to say it looks like the real deal....but for a lot cheaper.

Here's some of the things you'll need to make it....adhesive putty to attach your numbers and clock mechanisim to the wall....

some silver metallic paint and brush to paint your numbers, clock hands and clock mechanisim....

some wood numbers...I purchased 2 different kinds of wooden numbers. (different fonts and sizes to make it look more like the Roost clock)

and a clock mechanisim and clock hands....and that's it. I purchased all the items except the paint on etsy....just look under wood numbers and clock mechanisims for the clock parts.

Now you too can have a fabulous clock for only $27.94 (it would've been less but I purchased extra wood numbers). The photo above is of my DIY clock (I decorated my cabinet similar to Maria's so you could see how alike the clocks really are) and the photo below is of Maria's clock.

So....here's the breakdown....

silver metallic paint $1.49
wood numbers in 2 different fonts and sizes $11.50
clock mechanisim and hands $14.95

for a grand total of $27.94

that's a savings of $82.06....pretty good huh? Oh...and just so ya know....this is a big clock...it measures 2 feet wide in the center.

So...what are you gonna be doing this weekend ;o)

all photos by me which stink...(I so need a new camera)...except the last photo is courtesy of Maria the great!

19 March 2011

Botanical Project

So here's what I did with the gorgeous antique botanicals Kelley sent me.

To say I'm a little embarassed out how plainly I "framed" them would be an understatment...but this is so me....I'm Plain Jane.

I have to tell ya...I really love how these look...they fit right in with my farmhouse style...and the cost....I spent $0.00.

We always have spare wood lying around....I always have clothespins....and I always have white paint.

So there you have it....four "framed" botanicals for zero bucks.....gotta love that.

Now....go take a peek at what the other fantastic bloggers did with their botanicals....


I wanted to thank Kelley again for including me in this wonderful project...your the best!

18 March 2011

For Japan

Today I was supposed to reveal my botanicals project....but after reading about Shelter Box....this seemed so much more important.

My botanical project will post at 12:01 Saturday morning....thanks so much for understanding.

16 March 2011

a polished project

A couple weeks ago my friend Kelley from The Polished Pebble blog sent me an email asking if I'd want to particiapte in a little diy project with her and 2 other bloggers....Melanie from My Sweet Savannah and Artie from Color Outside The Lines.

of course I said yes.....I was honored to be asked.

and this is the challenge....frame these 4 beautiful original 1890's botanicals for under $20.00.

I was up for the challenge.....

and a challenge it was....

because if you read my blog....you know I have issues with hanging stuff on my walls....

but if you come back on Friday....

I'll show you how I "framed" these beauties....simply.

11 March 2011

A Quickie

This was a quickie makeover.....

I bought this chair a couple years ago with the intention of painting it right away....well of course it got pushed to the back of the furniture painting pile....but it's finally done.

This is how it look when I brought it home. It had great legs...and I loved the canning....and the blue velvet worked for me too. I knew the only thing I really had to do was paint it.

Have I told you I love white paint....

it truly breathes new life into old things.

Have a wonderful weekend!

09 March 2011

Urban Plains What?

Okay.....so you may be wondering....what ever happened to the Urban Plains Project.....

well....I'm happy to report....we should be able to let you in on it real soon.

What started as a simple makeover project....has become so much more....and I can't wait to share the news with you soon.

The photo above is a hint at what I'll be doing for the Urban Plains Project....any guesses.

photo via

07 March 2011

Did Ya Hear....

Fifi's yet to be released book....

is on Amazon's Bestsellers for the most popular item in Home Furniture.

This book is gonna be amazing!

photos courtesy Mark Lohman

03 March 2011

So...Here's The Thing

To paint....or not to paint....that is the question.

The above photo is of my entryway....the front door is to the left and it opens up into my living room....but here's the thing....it seems a little wood heavy to me. Hubby and I have pondered painting it white for 4 years now.....and seems how we're unable to decide....we thought we'd ask you....cuz you guys always have great ideas. The only thing that's held me back is that this is the original stairway...which makes it 121 years old. I usually never have trouble painting wood...I've painted all the doors and 6 inch moulding all over the house....but for some reason, I haven't been able to paint this area. I know it would look wonderful...and match so much better with my style....but I think I just need your 2 cents.

This is how it would probaby look when we're done. The stairway above looks very similar to what we have...and I love the white against the wood floor treads....

Okay....so please....

tell me....

what would you do....

paint or not paint.

photo via

P.S. I also wanted to thank everyone who commented that they'd help my little guy out with his duck project....you guys are the best!