13 October 2011

boys farmhouse bedroom

After trying to find some boys farmhouse stye bedrooms for inspiration....I noticed.....that there really aren't any.

What I did find for inspiration.....was some blue ticking bedding.....I think it screams farmhouse....and I think it would be perfect for my 8-year old son.

I plan on having my hubby build him a desk....and adding some industrial farmhouse style accents.

My son did say his Godzilla and Star Wars posters had to stay....and that we may need to add some dinosaurs in the mix {because he wants to be a Paleontologist}.

Sounds like quite the eclectic mix....a little farmhouse....a little sci-fi....and a sprinkle of prehistoric.

Wish me luck!

photo via country living


  1. haha! Sounds like an interesting combination. I think you can pull it off though!

  2. Hahahahah!! sounds like a good combination !!...love from me...xxx..

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Oh I hear you on the whole need of some "boys farmhouse inspiration." You see, that's all I've been thinking about since we bough our fixer - I have two boys and I find that it's much easier to get inspiration for girls rooms. :) But I agree, I have thought about using ticking for their bedrooms when it comes time to decorate {still in the functional fixing up phase}. So I can't wait to see what you have in store. I find your home to be nothing short of inspirational. :)


  4. Good Luck! I think your on the right track with the blue ticking. It's classic country.

  5. I was looking like you for something interesting for a boy bedroom and really: there is so few! For now I sew only a couple of pillowcases from two striped man shirt... =)
    Have fun and a lot of fantasy (I think we need more for a boy...)

  6. LOL! It looks great so far Andrea~ I have had no luck trying to convince my teenage sons to do a shabby chic/ farmhouse bedroom..ha!! One son has a cabin/hunting style room and the other has a sports room..oh well. I cant wait to see how it turns out~ xoxo Rachel

  7. that is quite the mix. perfect for an 8 year old though.

  8. Well my son has star wars posters on his walls which looks eccentric with vintage, chippy decor! You do not need any luck, as you have great style already ;-)

  9. It's hard keeping the Star Wars posters off of the wall :)) Your inspiration photo is wonderful and I'm just sure that whatever you do it will be amazing!!


    :) T

  10. I couldn't get to this post quick enough when I was the word 'boy' in the title!
    As mum of three boyish boys I really struggle with their rooms - especially as they are getting older (11, 10 and 7) and want far more say than a few years ago when I could go overboard with gingham! I can't wait to see what you do.
    Now, I would never normally be so bold as to offer up a show and tell...but I recently decorated my #1's room and think I pulled off something we both liked (he wanted black and neon, I wanted white...as usual!) here's the link if you have a minute:
    fee x

  11. Wow, I really love that image with the reflection in the mirror. I can't wait to see where you go with this new room reno! You always do such a good job. andrea@townandprairie

  12. I found a choppy trunk/chest at auction that had a skull painted on it. My eight year old twins went nuts for it. I am sure you will find some treasures like old oars or something. I think you could use a old tool of some kind for a curtain rod. It will be gorgeous no doubt.

  13. Good luck and I know you are going to pull it off perfectly wonderful!

  14. Oooh, I love your home and can't wait to see what you do! I need more inspiration as my little guy grows... Here's a link to his toddler farm boy room http://farmfreshfun.blogspot.com/2010/11/jacks-cow-boy-room.html

    I'll be back to glean ideas from you. Have FUN!

  15. I'm sure you will blend your inspiration and your son's requests perfectly!

  16. Well the one picture you found is beautiful and would do great as inspiration if you Ask me:)
    I love to Even add some industrial on the boys room,that gives more of an Edge!Old Maps,old toys ... Well I am sure you'll create a perfect boys room and I can't wait to see the pictures:)))

  17. Oh I know the feeling...we just did Jess's room,at 22 he knows what he likes,it looks really good,very loft like but not my taste! Don't think he will be in a hurry to move out(fine with me)good luck!! x0x0