20 September 2011

tasty tuesday

My 15-year old son....a chef in training.

For the last couple of years now he has mentioned that he'd like to be a chef....and there's no better time to start practicing....than right now. He went through my cooking books, magazines and online and came up with a few dishes he'd like to try....and here's a great one he'd like to share with you.

Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Marsala Sauce and homemade french fries

The sauce adds so much to the steak....I don't even care for mushrooms....but I loved this sauce. And I love that he's found something that he's really interested in....I want to encourage him to keep it up....he's actually very good at it.....and on a more selfish note....it's so nice to have someone else cook for me once in a while.

You know....I could really get use to this.

We'll be sharing more recipes with you as he tries them.


  1. Way to go...it looks like it came straight from a fancy restaurant! This is a great idea for a post series!

    although you need to cook me something different when I come over. Start looking at the veggie recipes.... :)

    any ideas yet?

  2. How fortunate for you that you can turn the stove over every now and then? I would have loved to grown up to be a Chef! Maybe one day!

  3. I'm so impressed to see a teen boy in the kitchen! And that dish looks delicious. It's great that you are encouraging your son!

  4. Oh my goodness that does look good!! Making my mouth water tell him!
    Its great that he enjoys cooking and he is obviously a natural!
    My 16 yr old daughter enjoys cooking too, and its so nice for us Mums to have a break from the cooking sometimes isnt it?
    Gill xx

  5. ah, that's awesome!
    practicing at home and tweaking your style of cooking is great :) hope his interest keeps up and he succeeds in the future! :D
    btw, that dinner looks great. mmm :)

  6. This is so fantastic, Andrea! He looks right at home in the kitchen and his dish looks super delicious.

  7. What a super good deal...looks wonderful...homemade fries....really, I have never even done that! Good job!

    Sit back and relax, MOM!

  8. I'll have me some of that! I LOVE mushrooms! My two fav food groups: dairy and mushrooms. I know, I'm crazy. We eat them fresh from the woods (know what your pickin') and sauteed with onions by the pile. A chef in training is a good thing to have, because as much as I love to eat good food, I hate to prepare it. Perhaps he'll open his own biz someday! Faded Plains Diner. andrea @ townandprairie

  9. Good for him and good for you! My middle child, (oldest daughter) enjoys cooking and she is very creative at it. I love that she loves to cook and I love when she cooks. Always nice to have some time off from kitchen duty.

  10. I love that your son cooks. A life skill for sure. I hope he can follow his dreams of becoming a chef one day.
    Girl, you so do not look old enough to be a mother of a 15 year old!!! Hope you are doing well.


  11. Ohhh, that's so great that he has found something he loves...and it's nice that it benefits you too ;) I don't eat meat, but I'd sure love some of those fries :)

  12. you are one lucky mom. i would love a child who cooks for me. i would even clean up the mess.

    That is so cool he knows he wants to ;earn to cook. Very exciting!
    Keep the recipe's comin'!
    Have a pretty day!

  14. Nice work! Keep him cooking, like you said, it would be really nice to have someone else cook for you!!!