29 September 2011

finds with sarah

Earlier this week Sarah from My Yellow House came over for a visit and I took her to a couple of my favorite hunting spots. Here's what I found....this super cool melamine tray....

I love the color and texture of it....it'll be perfect by the fire to hold our smores supplies....and it only cost $1.00....score!

And this lovely platter came home with me too. I have a couple covered casserole dishes that look very much like this one....love the muted blue color....and at $3.95....I couldn't pass it up. Can you say.....score again!

And lastly......these 2 farmhouse beauties found their way to my truck as well. I love them for so many reasons....the white paint.....the spindle legs....the fact that they match. Milking stools are surprisingly hard to find here....or at least they are for me....so when I saw these, I just knew I had to have them. They fit perfectly with my new farmtable (which I'll be posting about very soon) and the seats on them are quite large....so these would also make perfect side tables for some adirondack chairs by the fire.

Well....that's all for my finds....but I did find a few to add to my etsy shop too. And as for Sarah....she did good too. She found some gorgeous linens....like a beautiful white linen bed sheet (it's so yummy) and a pair of darling pillow covers embroidered with red...they are so cute!

How's the hunting been in your neck of the woods?


  1. I love make tours in the thrifty stores too!
    You had lovely finds!
    Have a wonderful day

  2. Your finds are perfect! Love it all!!! :) Have a beautiful day!


  3. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....I so adore you both how I wish I could have been there too! Love your finds,have to see Sarah's!! x0x0

  4. Great finds can make you so happy:)

  5. You are too cute... yes, it was a great day!

    That tray looks great - I'm so glad you did get it. and the stools....they're fabulous!

    I guess I'll have to hurry and get my to-do list done with all the pretty linens I got.
    I hate to cut up the linen sheet, but I am.

    Thanks for a great day!!!!

  6. Oh how I wish I could have gone with you two!! :) LOVE your finds Andrea~ xo Rachel

  7. The stools are a perfect pair! I love them! andrea@ townandprairie

  8. I love it all1 Thank you for sharing.My favorite is the platter with that little touch of blue.

  9. I just adore little white farmhouse stools - and yours are great!

  10. What a lovely things you have found...enjoy a happy weekend...xxx..

  11. I love your finds. Isn't it fun when you see that treasure that everyone else has overlooked? Is that a picnic basket in the background of your pic with the stools. It is fabulous!

  12. great finds! gotta love a good find!! enjoy your weekend! susan

  13. I love the white milk stools! Thrift store shopping at it's best.

  14. Hello,

    Love your finds. The platter is beautiful and those white stools. Two of them!!! I am looking for a stool or white small table to between my two slip covered white chairs....
    Thank you for sharing. Take care,

  15. I love the platter and the stools. Great finds!