15 August 2011

has it really been that long

I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in 10 whole days....you must think I've been so busy....the truth is....I haven't. Here's some random things happening around the old house....

My sweet Ollie (one of our geese) died yesterday....my heart was broken. She somehow got her head stuck in the fence during the night and couldn't get out. I cried like a baby for my girl....who was such a pain in the butt...but had the sweetest personality....she will missed....a lot.

My boys started back to school today.....so postings should be more regular....yeah!

I've been a bit on the lazy side lately....with all the hot and humid weather we've been having....but for the last 5 days....the weather has been so nice and comfortable....so I'm hoping to get some projects done....should I finish any....I'll be sure to share them with you.

My yard sale was a FLOP.....2 people came....luckily one of them spent a couple hundred dollars...so I guess it was kinda worth having. But like I said...I live in the country, just outside of town on a dead end dirt road....so not much traffic gets out this way. So needless to say I was thankful for the people who came.

I added some new items to my etsy shop....I'm really going to try to add new things a couple times a week.

Let's see....what else....Oh yeah, I'm hosting a wonderful giveaway this Friday...so if you have time....come back for a visit then so you can have a chance to win some cool things.

Going back to our animals.....we lost 1 hen and 3 roosters to a fox or raccoon or eagle (you get the picture). We let our chickens free range (although every night they all go into the chicken coop on their own and we close the door to keep them safe at night) and seems how they are locked up at night....it's during the day in the tall grass and wildflowers that something has snatched them away....we've had to get used to this kinda thing happening. When you own chickens and ducks (something took our ducks last year too) and let them be free....things like this just happen.

Well....I guess that's it for my randomness for today.

Don't forget to stop by on Friday for the giveaway.


  1. Hi girl!
    I've been SO bored also...should we be bored together again soon? :) I have a new house phone number ... I'll email you. promise.

    So sorry about the animals. I'm still happy they're free to roam though. My neighbors are getting 3 chickens - I am so excited. It's the pretend country. :)

    Talk to you soon ~

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry abut Ollie and your other animals. Glad you had a generous customer at your sale to make your efforts worth while. I'll be back for the giveaway.

  3. So sorry to hear about the animals, that certainly is a tough one :(....I'm wishing you a better week! Xoxoxo

  4. Oh, boy. The poor little goose. I'm so sorry. It's always hard when you get attached to them. I guess living in the country and having animals exposes you (and kids) to death and loss frequently, but it doesn't always make it easier. Sorry for your goosey :( We recently took some baby chicks over to my mom's b/c she lost a bunch over the winter and, I guess the run wasn't that secure, a predator got in and ate them. We all felt bad b/c we raised them and then they were dead in a week after they were let out. Your goose was beautiful, Andrea. I hope you will get another. For all the ollies--- hugs, Andrea @townandprairie

  5. Oh... I'm sorry. Ollie was a special goose. She was such a friendly greeter. Take care... can't wait to see the new things on ETSY & what your giveaway is. I am still working on my ETSY.
    Talk to you soon,
    Laurie :)

  6. Oh, goodness...you really have had a heck of a week! Hopefully things will improve from here. My heart is breaking for your critters, I would have been so attached to them, I'm just such an animal lover. We have falcons and they have been eying my 8 lb. dog. I have to go out with her now. I just don't trust them.

    Yay for the back to school days. I always missed mine a bit but got SO much done!!


  7. So sorry about Ollie. We lost seven of our hens over the last month. We finally found out how they were getting taken in the middle of the night and trapped 2 raccoons and one opossum.

  8. Hi!!! So very sorry to hear about your animals! ;( But it's nice that you have them roam around free during the days. ;) I'm a new follower, so I am still enjoying going through your old posts...especially your kitchen redo. We are stuck with the black granite for now...ugh, it's one big block of heaviness! ;( oh well, at least we'll paint the cabinets white...one day. ;)

    Have a great week!


  9. Oh my oh my...your poor animals...sorry for their lost darling......what a mess......i hope you feeling better soon...enjoy your week....and i am glad to hear from you today...love love love Ria...xxx

  10. So sorry you lost your sweet goose and those other animals. I hope you"ll have a better week!

  11. Andrea, so sad to hear about all the lost animals. I guess it's pretty hard to do yard sales in such an isolated area. I know our farmhouse is like that. Hope this week is a good one for you.

  12. hello dear. so good to see you. we have been having beautiful weather here too. it could stay like this all year. sorry about your feathered friends. something got our chickens too. not the dogs this time. makes me sad. have a great day.

  13. I would have cried if I went to all the work of having a yard sale and only 2 people came! It was a blessing that one person spent a significant amount of money though.
    Sorry about Ollie. We lost one of our ducks this summer and I still feel sad.
    I'm lovin' my new vintage receipt holder. It's so much fun getting an order from your shop. Nothing else I get in the mail smells so heavenly and I adore the little extras you pop into your packaging. It's always a nice surprise!
    I'll be back to check out your giveaway!

  14. So sorry about Ollie! I enjoyed reading about him. I lost a twin calf this past week. Very sad, but that is life on a farm!
    I am off to check yout your Etsy Shop! Have a great day!

  15. Oh, I am so sorry about sweet little Ollie! I sure did love hearing about her adventures. I am glad you will be posting more, though. Love seeing your stuff and great ideas :) Wish the weather was nice here...

  16. awww, sad about your goose. We have also been explaining the circle of life to the boys too often this summer (current score is fox 4, chickens and ducks nil!).
    will be back for your giveaway...
    (curses, the flamin' circle of life song is firmly back in my head again)

  17. I'm so sorry about your geese, your chickens and roosters :( We lost both our sugar gliders and it was devastating for us, I imagine how you feel.
    Have a nice day.
    XXX Ido

  18. I'm so sorry abut Ollie and your other animals. I understand you!It´s very sad.
    Ilove your second picture- your new small tablecolth.It´s beautiful!!
    Have a nice day full of sun Vlaďka

  19. I'm so sorry about Ollie. I went through that with my pet duck, Augustus. A neighbor boy was playing too hard with him and Augustus got his neck broken. I cried like you did. I was so incredibly heart-broken. He was such a hilarious and lovable pet.

  20. Andrea I am so sorry about your girl Ollie- I know to well those tender feelings of losing a pet we adore. I lost two of my favorite hens earlier this summer and I cried my eye's out too. These things of nature sometimes are just too hard to bare but also bring the greatest of joy. Happy summer sweet Andrea!