16 June 2011

what do we have here....

See these little fellows....we found them under our house...along with our littlest missing hen.

About 3 weeks ago we noticed that our teeny tiny frizzle hen was missing....we thought for sure she was a goner. Then last week, my youngest son went under our porch and found Batgirl....and under her was a clutch of eggs.

We were going to throw the eggs out because we didn't know how long they had been there....but started doing some yard work and totally forgot to do it.

Well...thank goodness we didn't....because the next moring I heard a faint chirping sound and went to investigate....and there she was...Batgirl and 1 chick....then 2 chick.....3 chick.....4 chick.

We were so excited to see chicks hatched here....we can now actually be called a lil' hobby farm. Batgirl was doing good for a couple days with the chicks...but then she started pecking them a little too much...so we decided to bring them in the house to raise. We thought Batgirl would be sad to see them go....nope....she started running around like a free bird....I think I even heard her "YIPPEE" a couple times. I think she thought hatching them was enough work....she didn't want to raise them too.

We never thought we'd see any chicks hatched here because our hens are not very broody....they pretty much lay eggs and run....but Batgirl was a good momma and stayed with her eggs until they hatched.

So now I'd like to introduce you to our newest family members....






Can you tell I let my boys name our chickens....and that they like Cartoon Network ;o)

Have a great weekend!

Oh....I often get asked what a frizzle bantam looks like...they're tiny chickens with curly feathers....I'll have to get a photo of Batgirl for you so you can check it out.


  1. The chicks are so cute! So are the names, I let my grandchildren name our birds and we had a noddle, dark stripe. We all got a big laugh at the names, but they stayed....

  2. Good job, Batgirl! What a sweet little flock you have there ;)
    I LOVE Frizzles!
    Becky C

  3. they are so cute. good thing you didn't throw the eggs out. i did a little chicken book reading this past weekend, now i know what broody means.

  4. Congrats...that is so cool! They are so pretty!

  5. Happy dance my sweet friend...these little ones are adorable! Enjoy!

  6. So cute!! I have a soft spot for the name Rigby :)

  7. Aww they're soo cute!!
    Same thing happen with one of our bantams, we thought a coyote got her then one day I walked out in the yard & there she was with a few little chicks!

  8. I'm with Batgirl (as the other mums were weeping outside school on the first day I was wooping in my car! )
    How adorable - our poor Pearl has been broody for weeks - funny how nature hasn't told her that no cockeral means no chicks...

    OH Cleggy has a fancy for a frizzle (we currently have a mixture of orpingtons and rescue 'brown ones') so won't be showing him this...
    fee x

  9. ps 'a fancy for a frizzle'! how butch!

  10. Owwww so sweet !!...enjoy your weekend....xxx...

  11. That is the sweetest. Just love those little chicks. ;-)

  12. oh, CONGRATULATIONS! Love the names. Have a great weekend, Lori

  13. Oh my gosh, how exciting, Andrea! Those chicks are adorable and I think the names your boys picked out are fabulous - especially "Mordecai" (I think of the famous Canadian writer, Mordecai Richler). p.s. isn't Batgirl funny - I think Batgirl is the perfect name for Mama too :)

  14. They are soooo cute, when I was little I used to name chickens and every animal in the farm. Can you believe I had a chicken named Ken-Tailte that I would call her and come right away from wherever she was, I think chickens do have a brain.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    XXX Ido

  15. What adorable little ones! The names your kids chose are really fun!

  16. More chickens! ? I can't believe how jealous I am of you....!

    they are just so darn cute...hugs to you and your new babies!

    xo Kelley

  17. Those names sounded familiar...hmm. Come check out my latest post on the Manor House in the beginning stages. Happy Chirping!

  18. What a darling brood, Andrea! :) Tracie at Fishtail Cottage just had a new batch of babies, too! Your's are all sooo cute! Your kiddos did a great job naming them. Very unique and creative! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  19. I'm happy for the expansion of your family!

  20. Congrats... I'm adoring that little light colored one and smiling at the Names the Boys have given them... Cartoon Network inspires lots of Pet Names I imagine. *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian