20 June 2011

weekend chores

Well....I really wouldn't call them chores....more like simple pleasures.

I gathered my supplies.....scissors....twine....and a basket.....

and then went to work....cutting fresh lavender from my garden.....and fresh eggs from my coop....

have I told you I love lavender....cuz I do. I especially love that I can go out my door and cut me a few bundles whenever I want....I really love that.

And nothing beats fresh farm eggs...I love those too!


  1. Hello,
    I really love your new pictures.They are great and your fresh lavender is amazing!!I love your basket with eggs, lavender and your blue table.
    Thank´s and hugs Vlaďka

  2. Lovely your lavender....ohh that smell !! enjoy a happy week darling....xxx..

  3. i need to plant some lavender. so pretty. looks like it was a great weekend for you.

  4. Your lavender looks so pretty hanging on the rack! I know it smells good, too!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  5. I have the hardest time growing lavender :/ I plant it just about every year and every year I'm left with ...nothing.

  6. That sounds great! It would be nice to find that kind of treasure in your own backyard!

  7. Your lavender looks soooo healthy, Andrea! What type do you have? I've tried growing it here in MI, and it lasts for a couple years, gets really woody and ugly, then bites the dust. So I just grow Catmint and Sage instead. Your photos are soooo pretty, sweetie! ♥

    xoox laurie

  8. Two of the very best things in life:
    fresh eggs
    fresh lavender!
    Beautiful photos!

  9. I love lavender too! Beautiful photos!
    : ) Cheryl

  10. Lavender is delightful. You are so fortunate to have it right outside your door. How sweet those little chicks are in your previous post. Have a great week. Tammy

  11. how sweet! i don't think i'd call those chores either :) enjoy the week!! susan

  12. those are my kind of chores!
    lovely lavender and yummy looking eggs you have :)

  13. Love that lavender, and can't even tell you about the eggs, I have lavender, hasn't bloomed yet, and I was thinking about getting me some chickens now that they've been approved in our neighborhood, we can have 5, no more and no roosters, do you know if they will lay eggs without a rooster?. Thank you in advance for any advice.
    Have a great day!
    XXX Ido

  14. i'm so jealous over your lavender and eggs! I wish i could grow lavender... i can't get it to grow in my yard...bohoo!

  15. Photos are so great! Love the lavender scent! I will have to try growing lavender sometime.

  16. Nothing is better than fresh lavender! except maybe fresh eggs! Beautiful photos!

  17. Beautiful! I love lavender too, one of my favorite scents. You're so lucky to be able to bring that into your home whenever you want :)

  18. Just found your blog today....thought it looked familiar then realized you are featured in Fifi's book! Everything is fab! I just messaged you on etsy, too! Love all that lavendar. Mine is growing like crazy but has yet to bloom.....sad. Alas, the foilage still smells lovely! I have the lavendar growing in a bed with mint and roses. It smells really good in that part of the yard--despite the surprizes left by a neighborhood cat--if you know what I mean!

    Now following!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage