16 May 2011

the reveal

Okay....so this is it....the big Cabbages and Roses reveal.

This post is jam packed with photos....and I'll let them do most of the talking....but please....if you have any questions about something you see....ask away....and if you want to see how this room looked before....you can check it out here.

The wall above is where I used the gorgeous C&R Natural Hatley wallpaper. Did you notice....the risers and moulding are painted white.

Love the C&R Provence Toile pillows.

The photo above shows how I used C&R's Natural Hatley fabric to "wallpaper" my wall. The area above the wainscotting is actually fabric that I soaked in starch and hung on the wall. It's a fantastic way to have the feeling of wallpapaer, but without the commitment. Whenever your ready for a change, you just peel the fabric off like a sticker....and viola....you have clean walls. Just imagine all the gorgeous fabrics you could use this way....okay....so is your mind racing right now.

With some of the leftover Natural Hatley fabric I had....I sewed me up this beautiful tote.

Here's a better look at the tote I made. I followed the directions in Christina Strutt's book Romantic Home Sewing to make the tote. This book is great...there's so many cute projects.

So....there it is. I really loved this project....my goal was to do an unexpected room and try to use Cabbages & Roses fabric in a different way....and I'm so happy with the results.

But wait....there's more....

now you can jump on over to Mary's blog and see her guest room makeover....it's amazing!

I also wanted to take a moment to thank Christina, Suzie, Lilly and everyone else at Cabbages & Roses for their wonderful support...and for giving me the chance to do this amazing project.


  1. OOOOhhhhh!!! *LOVE* it! Haven't I seen this in a magazine or book somewhere?? If I didn't...I should! (hee...hee!!)

    Truly, it is AMAZING! You rock, Dude!


  2. Oh, and just to mention it now so later I can say "I told you"...

    When I come to visit you, if you notice I have a crazy large suitcase, I am not moving in with you...I just want to steal those gray chairs on my way out the door. ;o)


  3. Ohhhh the hallwayyy! I thought over the weekend, "now what did she do with all that stuff..."
    It is gorgeous!!!!

  4. Both of you two are quite the inspiration...I like it how you made things look so comfortable and like they've been there cozied up in a French farmhouse for years...

    you two make an awesome pair!
    xo+farm blessings,
    Anne Marie
    (p.s. wish you could come to the event this Friday!)

  5. It's pure perfection Andrea! I love it...the stairway, the fabric, the styling...just gorgeous. You do have me thinking about putting fabric on the wall now. I didn't realize it could be peeled off so easily...hmmm.

    tricia ♥

  6. Hi Andrea,

    It looks completely gorgeous!! I'm besotted with the Hatley fabric. To have it all over your walls to stare at day in, day out must be heavenly!!

    I'm your new follower.


  7. Pure joy my sweet friend...love what you have done. Now my mind is swimming a mile a minute thinking of your great idea with that fabric on the wall...wow....love it.
    Thank you so much...you inspire me sooooo much.
    Hugs. xoxox

  8. Abolutely gorgeous Andrea!! I love every detail and with the sun streaming in it's just like heaven. Great job.

  9. So beautiful it should grace the pages of a magazine. Perfect job. I also really like your new blog header.

  10. So fresh and beautiful!!! And I love your idea for using fabric as wallpaper!
    ~ Zuzu

  11. So beautiful and I love the fabric and wallpaper you used!

  12. LOVING this - will pinterest it for my hall project (ideas brimming in small head!)
    Thanks for sharing
    fee ♥
    Loving the new banner too x

  13. I LOVE everything..the wallpaper..your stairs..your enamel pitcher..the gorgeous pillows and bag you made!! AMAZING! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  15. wow andrea! simply gorgeous. what a beautiful way to enter a home. love it. you and mary did an amazing job.

  16. This is so gorgeous.

    I'm trying to work up the courage to paint my third floor stairway risers white. Was this impossible and you wish you'd never done it? Or easy-breezy no big deal?

  17. Oh it's just beautiful Andrea!! You guys each did a beautiful job!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous Andrea. I love it. The colors are wonderful- it all looks so inviting.
    Pat yourself on the back girl- you did good!

  19. Hello Andrea,
    ÓÓÓhh absolutely lovely. Perfec i love your new look.Your shoes and basket are beautiful.
    Bye Vlaďka

  20. Andrea, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Everything is just perfectly stunning! Enjoy all of your hard work; I'll just drool from afar. :)

  21. Oh, I love your new blog header, too! So simple and fresh. :)

  22. Just popped over from Urban Farmgirl. The guest room is lovely. great collaboration effort.
    I love how you used the C&R in an unexpected way. Gives your foyer a little pizazz.

  23. stair risers in white, stunningly simple. i'm fascinated with the starch! how is it put up on the wall, could you tell me more? the starch sticks it? i love the idea, especially as i'm currently renting and it would be fun to have some temporary options. lovely entry.

  24. I love it!!! Very casual and pretty- beautiful and simple. I really like the fabric on the walls.

  25. Perfect romantic prairie style to me!
    You did a wonderful job!!!

  26. i love it. ohmygoodness. :)

  27. gorgeous! I love the fabric! The whole area just looks so bright and fresh!

  28. I love it....what a stunning room,your soooooooooo good and such an inspiration!!! x0x0

  29. Hello,

    It's gorgeous!!!! I just love it and would spend most of time there drinking my tea, reading my favorite blogs, and playing board games with my kids. Love the wall paper, beadboard and the beautiful pitcher and flowers.
    What a beautiful space. Enjoy!
    Have a good week.

  30. Just beautiful Andrea...I love it! ~Deb~

  31. Oh this space is so dreamy and gorgeous! I just love it

    Angela x

  32. yep...they all said it...beautiful, simple, fresh!

  33. Very nice...not screaming at you..just nice and subtle. Like that. That tote is adorable! Great job. :)

  34. it's lovely andrea! you girls have real style!! susan

  35. Beautiful, Andrea! Fit for a magazine! {LOVE} the starched fabric tip. Awesome.

    Enjoy your new spaces!


  36. LOVE that you
    used fabric to
    paper your walls!
    I miss seeing sweet
    wallpaper-type looks
    like these : ) Just
    beautiful, Andrea.
    I bought the sewing
    book and want to whip
    up some totes, too....
    xx Suzanne

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  38. Oh my Andrea ~ it's amazing! What a fabulous transformation ~ love it. :-)

  39. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I love your blog header!

  40. Andrea,

    It looks supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus! I LOVE how it turned out. It looks like FiFi needs to visit your home again!

    Your Friend,

  41. Andrea, your entrance looks positively marvelous! Love the Cabbages and Roses. p.s. have you made your decision on the marble yet? I just read a short article on what's new in kitchen design in our local newspaper and apparently marble is becoming more popular these days; apparently Caesarstone and Silestone are making a surface that looks very much like marble now too

  42. It looks amazing Andrea, what fun getting to work with the C&R girls! I love the Natural Hatley and the Provence toile. Robx

  43. I am soo late on this one, off having a baby at this point but I had to comment cuase your entry way looks fabulous! love the wallpaper and the boots and the chairs and the soft touches and all the light in your house! you did good girl!