23 March 2011

a diy clock project

Wanna make this clock for around $27.00.....then keep on readin'

I was inspired by Maria's clock over her fireplace....I l.o.v.e.d. it....but not the price ( Roost clock $110.00)

I'm the kinda girl who says...."I can so make that for cheaper"....and this is one occasion where I'm happy to say it looks like the real deal....but for a lot cheaper.

Here's some of the things you'll need to make it....adhesive putty to attach your numbers and clock mechanisim to the wall....

some silver metallic paint and brush to paint your numbers, clock hands and clock mechanisim....

some wood numbers...I purchased 2 different kinds of wooden numbers. (different fonts and sizes to make it look more like the Roost clock)

and a clock mechanisim and clock hands....and that's it. I purchased all the items except the paint on etsy....just look under wood numbers and clock mechanisims for the clock parts.

Now you too can have a fabulous clock for only $27.94 (it would've been less but I purchased extra wood numbers). The photo above is of my DIY clock (I decorated my cabinet similar to Maria's so you could see how alike the clocks really are) and the photo below is of Maria's clock.

So....here's the breakdown....

silver metallic paint $1.49
wood numbers in 2 different fonts and sizes $11.50
clock mechanisim and hands $14.95

for a grand total of $27.94

that's a savings of $82.06....pretty good huh? Oh...and just so ya know....this is a big clock...it measures 2 feet wide in the center.

So...what are you gonna be doing this weekend ;o)

all photos by me which stink...(I so need a new camera)...except the last photo is courtesy of Maria the great!


  1. Id love to be making that clock!!
    You did a beautiful job here..love, love, love it!!
    On my list of "musts"! lol
    Have a great day!!

    Deborah xo

  2. Looks great!! Always loved Maria's clock.

  3. Your clock turned out really nice. I really like that you used two different number styles.

  4. You were not kidding...it turned out better than great! I love the two sizes of numbers and how large it is. Pretty job on the cabinet styling too. :)

  5. It looks great. Such a fantastic saving too.
    And thanks for telling us where to get the bits to make our own!

  6. Gosh, you are such a smarty Andrea! I love Maria's clock too, now maybe I can make my own :)

  7. I had to chuckle at your last statement. My camera stinks, too. Your photos do look amazing though!! I LOVE that clock and have often admired Maria's. You are so clever to reproduce at a bargain price.
    Love your blog, and love your feature in 'Romantic Prairie Style' book!!
    - Susan

  8. I love that clock! Looks great! Somehow I have a feeling that if I tried it, it would be all crooked. lol.

  9. Well done! This is great! Love Love Love!

  10. Andrea,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your clock. The original is great (I have had my eye on it too) but yours is better! Where did you get the great hands and numbers?

    Best wishes,

  11. Andrea I have been waiting anxiously to see your clock!
    I LOVE IT!!
    You are amazing!
    Can I use a couple of your pictures in a post tonight???
    Your pictures look great btw!
    Hope you are having a great day!
    Take Care,

  12. That's so awesome Andrea!!! LOVE it!! You are such a creative girl!! and smart too!


  13. How cool are you?! You are on a DIY roll girlie :) Love it!!
    And I had to crack up at your last lines....you do NOT "stink"! I have always loved your photos and posts. Oh, and "Maria the Great" - haha, sounds like a medieval times queen :) LOL

  14. That is fantastic! It looks so good, I love that it's two feet across. Good job =) ~Laurie

  15. Awesome! Also, I looked for that shop on Etsy and it wasn't there anymore. Cute purse and good find! I'll have to try and make one like it :)

  16. super and i love that you did it on such a budget! your pictures as always lovely! susan

  17. You never cease to AMAZE me!!;) I LOVE it!I think I am goin to make one in white!! Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  18. You had a huge saving and the result was wonderful... Congratulations!!!

  19. WOW!!!! That is so neat Andrea! I LOOVE it!

  20. Hi Andrea! I just 'found' you on the front page of etsy~ you're pretty red French tote caught my eye!
    Love the clock!

  21. This is BRILLIANT! What a fantastic idea... I'm totally inspired.

    Angela x

  22. that is an amazing idea ;) i like your blog and will come back...

    cu dani

  23. This is inspiring!..Great idea...I have a huge empty space above the cabinets I should utilize this idea!....Thanks for sharing!

  24. don't ya just love the clock thang?

    wait, just wait till you see my latest shop the shed procuct line.

  25. i love it!!!
    you are so clever!

  26. Brilliant! Love the look. :)
    ~ Zuzu

  27. How funny! I am so glad to see this, because I, too, love Maria's Roost clock, but had not wanted to pay so much for it. Thank you for showing us how to do this....it's my next project :)


  28. great idea and gorgeous clock andrea! i have to let you know i will be mailing you an enveloppe along with a note and a coin tomorrow. Mr. Quaker is heading for his second journey. i am not telling his destination, you will read the details in the note. you can tell Ethan that little ducky is taking the plane to cross the ocean to meet wonderful little children. ^_^
    go see my last blog post, lil' ducky was introduced to some birdie friends.
    sending hugs,

  29. This is seriously cool. You are so talented :) I love it when someone does something for less, and has the pride of knowing they did it themselves.

  30. I have been thinking about clocks like this a lot lately!!

  31. Your clock is awesome and sounds doable. Thanks for the instructions!!


  32. I love it! Came over from Dreamy Whites, and I'm your newest follower :)

  33. I am sooo gonna do this. I keep going back and forth wether to order the Roost clock but the price is a bit steep. Thanks for the inspiration!

    the MomTog Diaries

  34. Oh my goodness, this is fabulous! I can't wait to try it - and start reading your blog!

  35. Wow! very impressive. I love a bargain. Lori

  36. Fantastic and looks somehow both retro and modern at the same time. Very fresh!

    Love it.

  37. Gorgeous! That 'Maria the great ' really
    Inspires me as well and I'm so glad that she
    Shared with us your beautiful blog!
    Your pictures Are just as pretty but I know what you mean, I feel
    The same about mine when I see hers!
    Your newest fan,

  38. Andrea, you're so amazing!!! Bravo to you for making this most fabulous budget version!

  39. Awesome job Andrea! And much easier on the budget.

    Have a great weekend,

  40. this is fantastic! it was a long time that I wanted one like that! great tutorial!

  41. Wow Andrea great job!!! I love Maria's clock and I love that you made it for WAY less!!! That is my kind of project! And your pictures look just fine!

  42. As Tony the Tiger once said...it's grrr-eeaat! I am a happy new follower..can't wait to browse the rest of your creations. Happy week to you.


  43. Ditto to all the other comments! Wondering if you could specify what 2 sizes and fonts you bought for the numbers? Thanks.

  44. You did an awesome job with this clock! And I think you're photos are great! Thanks for the tutorial - I really want to try this!

  45. I've never visited your blog before. I found it from Urban Farmgirls link to the clock! Very impressive!
    I love your header! :) In fact, I love it so much that I said "Oh! how beautiful" in a sigh-like voice that made my little dog awake and come over to me to make sure all was well! I showed her the picture! If she could talk, I'm sure she would have said to tell you she liked it too! :)

  46. Hi! GREAT DIY!

    I was just wondering - where did you purchase that piece with the oversized hands for the center of your clock? Thanks!

  47. I have admired that clock for months now... and because of you, I have started to order supplies to make my own!
    I hope mine looks half as good as yours!
    What size wood numbers did you use?

  48. You've done a fabulous job, that's gorgeous! I've got this linked to my clocks post too today, well done!

  49. I just bought all the parts to make the clock. How did you figure out how far to space out the numbers?

  50. I just bought all parts to make this clock. How did you figure out how far a part to space out the numbers.

  51. Hi Sweethy, I actually just eyed it to space them. I figured out how far away I wanted the numbers to be from the hands and then just started placing them, then stepped back to see if I needed to adjust the numbers. Hope this kind of helps ;o)

  52. Hi! I know this is an old post but I just came across your clock and I love it! I was wondering what fonts did you use and what size are the numbers? Also, what's the size of the clock mechanism and diameter of the clock? Sorry if you already answered these questions previously; I reviewed the post and comments but didn't see similar question/answers. Thanks!