29 March 2011

clock info

I received lots of comments and emails asking where exactly I purchased my supplies to make my copy of the Roost clock....so here's the list....

1. the 2" tall wood letters I purchased here....this was my reserved listing, but you could as him to make another listing for you.

2. the 1.5" wood letters were purchased from here.

3. the clock hands and mechanism were purchased here.

4. the silver metallic paint was from Michael's.

5. I purchased the blue adhesive putty from a local office supply store.

Now....just paint your wood numbers, clock hands and mechanism and hang.

That should do it....with these few supplies you too can make a clock....

just like this one.


  1. andrea! what a great job! it looks like the real thing! and how easy! thanks for sharing! enjoy!

  2. Oh wow, somehow I missed the post about the clock. You are seriously creative!!! That is amazing, how would you even think of it!!! Love it!

  3. You did it! You ROCK! Looks like there is math or leveling involved tho.. a little to much patience required for me. I love it!

  4. love this, how did you hang the center clock mech on the wall?

  5. Such great idea's !!! love this clock !!

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