28 February 2011

This is it....

Next Monday my main shop will turn into an information website....meaning it'll be a main site that will direct you to either my blog or etsy shop. I will no longer be selling through there....

But no worries....I'll still be selling....on etsy.

I've come to really love selling on etsy....I've been a long time buyer....and have always loved shopping there....and now....I love selling there too. It's not easy keeping 2 online websites stocked and fresh....eventually one suffers....it doesn't get your full attention....and that's not cool with me.



I'll be able to devote my time to selling vintage items....

and sewing up some new goods too....

sounds good don't ya think.

Oh....and this being the last week my main website will be a shop....

for this week only....

if you enter code "MAR2011" at checkout....

you'll receive 50% off your entire purchase.

This code is only valid on my main website...and does not apply to my etsy shop...or previously purchased or sold items.

And stay tuned....I have a giveaway coming up shortly too.

love ya guys!


  1. I love your Etsy shop and am loving the little wire heart I bought from you:) I'm glad you're focusing on it! Etsy is wonderful, I am so addicted to it!

  2. I just ordered a pillow slipcover, and can't wait to get it :) Great sale! Always love your goodies.
    Becky C

  3. I hear ya...my website took a back burner..Etsy gets so much traffic and I would spend a lot of time describing and trying to tag my item...not to mention resize photos and Etsy does Most of that for u...easy to list things and search for what u want. Going to pop over to ur website...U cant berat 50 % off!!!!!

  4. I just came from your website and it's so cute!! Guess now I'll have to check out your etsy shop :-)

    Happy Monday Darling! xo

    Oh, and pop by for today's perfume GIVEAWAY!

  5. Hello,

    Your etsy shop is my favorite. I just love it and I am so happy with my Crochet basket. Love the bobbins, wooden spool, and the vintage envelope. Love it all!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday!

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love, love, love your Etsy shop! =)


  7. I could convo you but a quick note here since I am reading: I love my napkins and they smell wonderful. You are so kind and creative, my retreat should go off without a hitch. Have a great week.

  8. Glad you are making things simpler ....doesn't change the beauty of your work!

  9. I can see why it would make sense to drop one store. I am glad you are keeping your Etsy shop.....I adore Etsy (my husband wishes I adored it less!) and your shop is one of my absolute favorites. The burlap pillow slip from your non-Etsy shop arrived a couple of days ago, and I love it. Thank you!

    Amy :)

  10. So happy for you and will continue to scour your Etsy shop. I just scored the chalkboard from your site (50% off ,what a deal!) Can't wait to get it :)

  11. Wooo Hooo! I got my sweet little strawberries today, Andrea........and I just LOVE them! I can not believe how real they look. Wow! I put them all in a vintage ironstone bowl that has a red stripe around it, and put it on my vintage scale. They look utterly adorable! I'll be posting on them soon! Thanks again, sweetie pie! Luv ya! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. I pour myself a cup of coffee and search your online shop/etsy once a week. It's always a pleasure and your products are always a treat!

    Your Friend,

    PS Stop by I'm hosting a link party!

  13. Thanks my friend...off to take a peek. xoxo

  14. sounds great...Etsy is the best!
    will have to check out your site as well for a great deal, thank you for the generous discount offer!!

  15. I love selling and buying on Etsy. I think you made a good call.


  16. 54 degrees over there.........I am jealous!! on my way to check out the savings on your Etsy!!
    Trish xo

  17. : ) cool...I love selling, shopping around, and buying on Etsy too...and your shop is great.

    Ciao Bella

    Creative Carmelina

  18. I don;t care where you sell from as long as you do!!!! Love buying from you! x0

  19. I'm thrilled about how your etsy shop has grown! vintage and your sewing talent has me a frequant shopper!!!!