23 February 2011

Last Chance

If you've had your eye on something on our main website....

this may be your last chance to get it.

If you use code "FEB2011" at checkout...you'll get 35% off your entire purchase.

And when it's gone....it's gone.

This discount is only valid on our main website....and does not apply to my etsy shop. It also doesn't apply to items already sold...or sold out.

I also have a little favor to ask of any international readers I may have....

My second grader was given a project were he needs to send a little duck to another country for a visit. All it requires is a little note saying what he did while visiting you...and a coin from your country. If anyone's interested in helping my little guy out...please let me know in a comment.

Thanks so much!


  1. Hello there!,

    That project sounds great! If Finland is not too too far away. I can sure help you with your little ducks visit. Let me know if you need more info about me =)

    Cheers from Finland



  2. If your duck wants to take a trip to the northern parts of Sweden, he´s welcome! E-mail: norrfrid@hotmail.com

    Have a great day


  3. Hi, if the little duck wants to visit Switzerland, just drop me a line. Have a nice day, Sandra

  4. Andrea, your son's duck is more than welcome to visit us here in Montreal, Canada.

  5. hi andrea, this is such a fabulous project ! ducky can come visit me in my lil' country town in Qc, Canada. i could even send him for a trip to Brussels to visit my daughter Geneviève ( mademoiselleg.blogspot.com )let me know, this is so exciting !

  6. oh i wish we lived in a different country to help you out, i love these kind of kids projects! By the way i'm loving your etsy sight right now, my jello molds are fantastic!
    have a great day

  7. Hi there Andrea,
    I don't know how many ducks your son needs to distribute, but my little ones would love to help him out here from Ontario, Canada!

  8. If ducky wants to freeze his tailfeathers off in British Columbia, Canada..we'd love to have him!

  9. Question...the quilt/bedding you got last spring from Pottery Barn...do you remember the name of it? It was a floral pink/blue? Barn Style?

  10. Hello,

    Love my new basket. Thank you!
    Have a nice weekend.

  11. I'll have to go over there....

    I wanted to tell you, after reading your comment just now, that two of our boys share a room 13 and 9yrs old - and soon the 3 yr. old will join them as well......the girls also share a room....12 and 6yrs. old - they wouldn't have it any other way Andrea...

    I highly recommend it.....the bond that they share (as well as all the giggles at night) are memories forever.

    Anne Marie

  12. My SIL lives in england and has two little boys. Let me know if you want me to ask her. She would be more than happy. What a cool project!

  13. Going to check out
    your shop again, Andrea.
    Love the new things in
    your etsy store!! Hope
    you are surviving the
    xx Suzanne

  14. Hi Andrea,
    We live in Australia and my children would love a visit from your son's little duck. Let me know if we can help out.
    Carissa x

  15. hi andrea....
    i don't always leave a comment but i do always read your blog...so my three australian kiddos living in the english countryside would love to help your little one out with his duck travels...
    let me know if he's like the duck to visit england and we'll happily get some pond ready!

    and i love your shop...maybe this is the time to actually buy myself a little something!

    melissa x

  16. darn, I just saw this now - if you still need help, let me know. Duck can come to our blueberry farm in BC, Canada to visit my three ducks! H