27 January 2011

Who Do Voodoo

Hey, this is Justin, Andrea's son. :P I was bored this Monday so I made one little voodoo type doll. I was inspired by Tim Burton's movies, like Nine.

I made one doll, that led to two, and then three. But I'm not very good with the sewing machine though. So, I just practice by making more and more dolls.

I hope to get better with da sewing machine, so I can make more stuff. Then I'll try my luck by selling 'em. So I know if its a good money maker. :P

and that my friends....is my big boy (14 to be exact)....love him!

I have to tell you....I love his dolls.

They're perfectly cute 'n' creepy....cuz I don't know about you guys....but dolls with button eyes and sewn mouths...is just plain creepy.


  1. Hey Justin. I am absolutely impressed with your voodoo dolls. Can I just tell you that you already sew better than I do? No kidding...I don't sew well at all and therefore let my mom do most of my sewing for me. Good luck trying to sell these. Major fun!

    Amy Kinser

  2. So cool Justin! I think you did a great job...I can't sew at all! I hope you sell lots! Andrea...I agree they are the perfect combination of cute and creepy!

  3. ahhh - run there multiplying and taking over! :) Andrea, these are just adorable - too cute and really do look Tim Burtin'esque. Cute photos!

  4. Fab voodoo dolls - great work, Justin! I think you and my 14 year old son would get along great. He's pretty handy with a sewing machine and could probably give you some tips. He definitely sews better than me. p.s. Andrea, totally love this post!

  5. Justin! They are amazing! I love Tim Burton stuff...perfect for you to copy.
    My 15 y.o. son makes duct tape wallets and purses! He is "risingcash" on Youtube.

  6. Justin, I think you've found something creative that a lot of people would be into today. Between Johnny Depp film fans, Alice In Wonderland, and Tim Burton, there are plenty of people who would dig these dolls!

  7. Oh - and kudos to being creative and doing something different!

  8. before i read your words, "cute & creepy", i was thinking, these are really cute and creepy! funny. i love 'em...go Justin!

  9. Very fun voodoo dolls! So great to see your creativity! Keep up the good work!

  10. I love your dolls, Justin! You are very creative. You sew a lot better than I do. I would love to buy one of your dolls from you. What a great post, Andrea.

  11. Justin your dolls are great, I love that you take inspiration from Tim Burton! Andrea how great for you to have a talented and creative son, love that! And yes, button eyes are just creepy...

    Best wishes,

  12. I think Justin should give it a go on etsy. I've seen less cuter and much creepier things sell like hot cakes!

    Your Friend,

  13. Oh yes, those do seem very Tim Burtonish...very creepy with the eyes :)

  14. Great job Justin!! I see you got some of your mom's sewing talent :)) Good luck with selling them!

    :) T

    p.s. Andrea you asked me last week about the tall purple flowers in my post...they are called verbena bonariensis. I love them but they do self sow like crazy!

  15. Aw, I love em Justin! Great job.

  16. Hello,

    My boys would love these! Great job!

  17. I love, love, love these cute dolls!!!!


  18. totally creepy but kinda cool at the same time!
    Trish xo