11 December 2010

When The Weather Outside is Frightful....

sewing inside is sure delightful....

let it snow...let it snow...let it snow.

okay....so the weather outside is truly frightful...I know the photo above from my kitchen window doesn't look like it...but it is.....it's blizzard like with 50 mile an hour winds.

As if I hadn't been sewing enough (I've been sewing up a storm with special orders and Christmas gifts) I thought today I'd stop...if for only a little bit....to sew something for myself.

I made me this. I've been wanting a linen bread bag (or a le pain bag in french) for some time....and thought today's the day. I don't know about you...but I'm so lovin' the red embroidery...it really gives it a french touch don't you think....and I realize that the embroidery is kinda wonky and not perfect...but I gotta say...that's what I love most about it...it truly looks handmade.

Okay...that's enough sewing for me....I gotta get back to sewing for others now....as in this new pillow I just made....you can find it here or here.

Stay warm & cozy!


  1. Your new pillows are very pretty!

    We're having a blizzard today also. Crazy me decided to go to the gym. Not the best idea I've had.

    I'm in Minnesota, are you near?

  2. I love the bread bag...and would love to have one. I purposely buy the bread in the brown paper bag just I don't have to look at the other ugly wrappers! Hopefully these will be in your shop soon...

    Can you believe this weather today?! I tried to run some errands and had to go back home it was soooo windy. We have been pretty lucky though so far. Stay warm!

  3. I love the bread bag and the pillows and yes I love the red and the wonky lines (;

  4. I love all your stuff! very french and cozy :)

  5. That bread bag is AWESOME!!

    LOVE the red embroidery...you really should add those to your Etsy shop!

    Can't wait to talk this week, I have been running from one thing to another like a nut. Trying to get the Christmas tree up tonight...nothing like waiting until the last minute! ;o)

    Stay cozy...


  6. Your bread bag is so pretty! The embroidery really makes it pop. I hope you stay warm and safe!

  7. Love it! You may be the first to create a baguette bag!
    Yes to the red :)

  8. Just saw that new pillow...might just have to get me one!!!!!! x0x0

  9. I am loving those pillows! Keep up the good work.

  10. Love the bread bag! and the new pillow...awesome!
    I wish we could get just a little bit of snow here! well...winter's not over a yet...still dreaming of a white christmas!
    Merry Merry!
    Tammy :-)

  11. What a fabulous idea to have a linen bread bag! I love that and your red embroidery. Will you sell those in your shop? Beautiful Paris pillow, too. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Andrea.

  12. Love the bread bag! So wonderful!
    Stay cozy and warm.

  13. I love it! I've been wanting to make a bread bag (or 'il pane' bag for me here in Italy) for ages. Just another thing to add to my 'to make' file!

  14. I love that bread bag! I've been thinking about making one of myself out of muslin.It's such great weather to do those things! Yours is so cute!

  15. How I LOVE your style!
    Happy weekend,
    ~ Zuzu

  16. We're getting near blizzard conditions here in Michigan, too, Andrea. UGH! Makes me wish our old farmhouse had better insulation, that's for sure! lol! Your bread bag is just adorable, wonky and all! And love your new pillow!!! :) Stay warm and cozy, girly!

    xoxo laurie

  17. Staying Cozy and being creative is the only solution to the horrid conditions outside!
    Beautiful pillows and your La Pain is just precious!! Happy Sunday xOxO Nerina

  18. I LOVE that bread bag. That red thread is perfect and I love that it's not perfect. So great, my friend. What a talented lady you are.

  19. I love the bread bag, very clever and where do you get those gorgeous fabrics for your pillows. any chance I could get you to share who your supplier is??? or do you do the stenciling yourself??
    Trish xo

  20. what a great idea. that is so cute. i wish i could sew. someday i will take a class. stay warm dear.

  21. I love the bread bag, the embroidery is the perfect touch! I've been sewing, sewing, sewing too... it's nice to be inside doing something creative while the weather is so crazy outside! Hope all your projects and orders go smoothly... Laurie

  22. LOVE your bread cover! You are so talented my friend!! ;)Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  23. So much beautiful sewing! Love your bread bag and pillows. We have freezing temps and wind here in Michigan too! Boys had their first snow day today and one tomorrow too! I've been working on some knitting. It's so nice to be able to be warm inside!

  24. Everything you touch turns to magic my friend...you amaze me everytime I visit.

    Stay warm....cozy...happy...and keep on sewing....xoxoxo

  25. I love how perfectly imperfect the wording looks!

  26. that would make the sweetest christmas present with a fresh loaf of bread- love it and the pillows.

  27. Hello!
    I just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and I'm drooling in love with it!
    Your sewing is wonderful...wonks and all! the red really is charmingly French! I love it all...

    I will click to follow..and check out your Etsy shop in a second too.....but first I invite you to come visit me...bring your bread and I'll pull out the homemade jam and we'll sit and have a tea!

    ciao bella
    Creative CArmelinA

  28. Love it, Andrea! You have such fabulous work - never ceases to inspire me!


  29. Andrea...it looks wonderful
    btw...love our stockings!!!

  30. Ok so WHEN will those cute little bread bags be in the shop?? I NEED one:) So stinkin' cute Andrea!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family:)