20 November 2010

17 Years Ago....

17 years ago today....I married my best friend.

I know this should be a lovey dovey post...

but to tell you the truth...I'm not a lovey dovey kinda girl....I'm more of a dude kinda girl....remember this post.

Here's another example of me being more dude like....

when we woke this morning....neither of us told each other happy anniversary....

I actually forgot (I mean I did know it was coming up... I just didn't realize it was already here) until I turned on my computer and the date said November 2oth....holy cow I thought....it's our anniversary.

After we wished each other happy anniversary....my hubby went out for donuts and came home with a rose and a card....

the funny thing is he sealed the card and didn't write anything in it....no name or anything....

I started laughing and told him we should use this card every year.....we could just write 2010 on the card and then next year re-use it....just cross out 2010 and write 2011....and so on.

Hubby gave me the crazy look.....but I'm totally serious....

I mean....I do love to reuse and recycle.

Anyway....I'm not too into celebrating anniversaries....as he makes everyday special....so there's no need to celebrate it on only one day....when we celebrate our love everyday.


P.S. We really need to take a new photo of us together...this ones from our trip to Rome....and that was 6 years ago.

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, DUDE AND DUDETTE! :) Blessings on many many more!!! xoxox

    I understand what you're saying about celebrating, Andrea. Hubby and I really don't do the big shindig thing anymore either. We just have our day-trip to the lakeshore to go junking, eating our way there and back! lol! I think that if you really can appreciate each and every day you're given together....that's just good enough! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Happy Anniversary!! (Balloons and confetti flying everywhere)He He...BTW, I got the glove mold!! I love it..Thanks for all of the goodies included..the lavender is awesome! Rhonda

  3. Happy anniversary to you and your husband.
    Hope that you have a great day together and fabulous year ahead.


  4. Happy Anniversary to you and yours, Andrea!! You guys sound like me and my husband... haha! May you have many more non-celebrated anniversaries to come!! ;-)
    ~ Jo :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love the card idea ~ too cute! Many blessings for many more special days!!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Even if it is not a super lovey dovey type day, it is so meaningful to you both either way. Enjoy the day and congratulations!! :)

  7. ~**~*Happy Anniversary my friend!!~*~* Hugs,Rachel~*~*~*

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Dude. I'm right there with you. We aren't much for celebrating Birthdays or Anniversary's for the same reason. Mr. Norm surprises me when I least expect it. I love the card! Now that's a great idea!

  9. Happy Anniversary! You're awesome just the way you are and I hope you both have a wonderful day together and many more! :)

  10. Andrea ,your a blast...what an awesome idea about the card,too funny! Enjoy your day...x0x0

  11. Happy Anniversary - that is so funny about the card. sadly I "get you".

    I love your blog :)

  12. Happy Anniversary to you, Dude. I love that name, you know I do.

    And I think the idea to use the card over and over is hilarious! Do it. That is so funny, when you are 90 your kids will find that is a box somewhere and laugh.

    Happy Day...oh, and remember our conversation about the Pioneer Woman? They are repeating her segment with Bobby Flay on the Food Network tonight. I have Dish, so it is on at 10pm here. Not sure what time by you, but thought you may want to check it out.


  13. Happy Anniversary...Cherish the time you have with your husband.I love the idea you had about the card.That is a great idea.
    Have a warm and cozy day . Chickie

  14. Ha-ha. My hubby and I have been recycling our cards for several years now - every occasion. We have been married 30 years so you can only imagine the collection we have. It's so fun to look at the earlier ones and cross out the date and add a new sentiment! Try it, you'll love it.

  15. Happy Anniversary..... hope you enjoy the comforts of your love today!

  16. Totally love the card idea! We have pretty much stopped doing cards for occasions because they are just way too expensive, in my opinion. Normally, I will make a homemade card of some sort and just write something in it.

    Happy Anniversary!

  17. Happy Anniversary, I too need to update my photos with my husband, I am usually behind the lense. I have a giveaway you may like check it out, if you have time.

  18. Congratulations sweet friend...sigh! xoxoxo

  19. Happy Anniversay Andrea! I thought your card idea was a good one. You could write down something that you did or said that day and it would be fun to look back at it each year :)

  20. Happy Anniversary.....ours is Nov 28th ..........usually we are busy getting ready for a Christmas Home Tour ....this year we will be helping a friend with her wedding!..I too am blessed to have a husband who makes everyday a celebration of our commitment!...Thanks for sharing!

  21. Happy Anniversary..........I would say that I am more of dude myself, not terribly touchy feeling.........but then, I would never turn down a diamond on my anniversary:)

  22. Happy Anniversary dude!! My husband and I go to an NFL football game every year for our anniversary how non romantic is that lol:)Oh and I really really want that scarf!!!:)

  23. How cute you two are :) Love that you two keep it real.

    My hubby and I have a journal that we keep in our nightstands. We jot down little things here and there and put it in the others nightstand. Its a sweet surprise to each other and we pull out the journal every anniversary and read what we have wrote to each other throughout the year :) We have been doing it since we got engaged, and hope to keep the tradition going year after year!

    Even tho he makes everyday special, its extra special to reflect on your love for each other that one day a year!

    Hugs to you both as you celebrate your love

  24. hi - you won my magazine giveaway. pls email me your mailing address so I can get this in the mail. thx

  25. Oooo, happy anniversary to the 2 cutest dudes ! i think me and hubby can relate to you both. we are both dudes, still in love and very close friends after 27 years and for us, there is no need of a special day to say "I love you" or to show how much we care about one another. i like the idea about the card. ^_^
    thank you so much for your visit and leaving such sweet comments on my shop. goodluck for the giveaway !
    monique x

  26. lol! I just realized that we are two peas in a pod after reading this post!

  27. Happy Anniversary! Cute post!! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!! Susan

  28. Happy Anniversary! What sweet thoughts! It's so wonderful to be happily married! Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  29. Happy anniversary andrea
    love love that about the card
    that would make for great memories to reuse it every year!
    made me smile

  30. Hey Dude, love this post! Definately do the card thing....that is just great! What a wonderful testament to your marriage! It is just so sweet! It will bring smiles to everyone when you are both long gone!!!

  31. I just had to tell you that I LOVE this post! My husband always buys me sentimental cards & I refuse to buy a card, because I don't want to kill a tree! I also tell him that I'd rather have a plant than flowers, because at least then I can plant it & keep it alive, rather than the short lived life of a bouquet of flowers...

  32. Happy Belated Anniversary Andrea!! xOxO Nerina