20 July 2010

I've Been......

Busy....washing these....

and these....

Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. send them on over!! wow your girls have been busy!!! enjoy them~

  2. Girl, I am just like you. We are getting from 8-12 eggs a day. You know, you can only eat so many eggs. I do use them a lot in bread, muffins, and casseroles that I can freeze. We do share our bounty with friends, but we still have a lot left over.

    Looks like both of us have fruitful hens.

  3. I adore your hens and imagine those fresh eggs are heaven!

  4. Your girls are busy...because they are soooooo happy!
    Wish I lived closer. Happy eggs make the best cookies.

  5. Oooh, still smiling! Awesome pictures. Sending lots and lots of Dutch JOY for a happy Tuesday! xx

  6. LOVE these eggs....darling...

    i want chickens so bad...

    maybe in the springtime

    loved seeing you at farmhouse..always good to see a friend

    kary and teddy

  7. Beautiful !
    What wonderful photos!

  8. Wow!
    I would love some of those fresh eggs!!
    Thank you, I'm glad you appreciate my work.
    Have a great week,

  9. Love farm fresh eggs. only ever had them once when I was younger. The one thing I loved about them was that they had double yolks!

  10. well, you know I'm jealous. I've lost my goat, and have no chickens.

  11. how very wonderful- your girls are working hard.

    So fun to be a chicken mama, don't you think?

  12. Hi There,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Funny you discovered my blog. I was looking at your blog yesterday via link of dreamy whites and your blog is so beautiful and inspiring!! I am your newest follower :-)

    Thanks for visiting and hope to see ya soon.


  13. Hi Andrea,

    Your farm fresh eggs look wonderful and wished I lived nearby so I could buy some.

    Happy week

  14. OOOOOHHHHH, farm fresh eggs! I also wish we were some how able to buy some of your eggs. You can't beat farm fresh!


  15. I live nearby so I'll take a dozen please!
    Seriously...I'll come pick them up before tea and thrifting...

    Hope your summer is going well - looks like it is. I've been out of town for a week and my flower garden is now a huge weed garden! Guess what I'll be doing today.

    Talk soon ~ let me know. :)

  16. They've been busy! We buy eggs from our neighbor. They have an insane amount of chickens. Nothing like fresh eggs.

  17. Nothing like farm fresh BROWN eggs!! Cute photog~

  18. I love it! Wish I lived close:) Congrats on the magazine spread. I CAN'T WAIT to see it!!

  19. Your farm fresh eggs look wonderful! We have a little farm a couple miles down the road that sells them and they are incredible compared to the grocers. Even cracking them on the side of the bowl felt different. Thanks for sharing your farmhouse joys with us~

    :) Lara

  20. amazing how simple eggs can be so beautiful! susan

  21. Oh my gosh, how blessed just to go out your back door and get farm fresh eggs. I love that. Your pictures always make me want to leave city life.

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog. When I seen you commented, I was gleeful:)

  22. oh wow!!! How wonderful!!! fresh eggs are so wonderful and beautiful! Makes me wish I knew someone we could purchase them from

  23. Isn't it fun collecting the eggs everyday? We just got our girls last Fall and they started giving us the beautiful blue/green eggs mid spring. Bobby G. gets a kick out of going to get the daily eggs. Even though we only have 3 girls we get more eggs than we need and the neighbors just love the over flow. Come for a visit when you can. I made a pitcher of home made lime-aide. xo Lynn

  24. I'll buy:-) I love the life you lead!!!

  25. I can not wait until my girls start laying eggs, I live in the city, I have 4 hens. Just snuck them home in the spring so we are still waiting for eggs. Those sweet eggs look beautiful. You must have some very happy hens!
    Love your blog.