22 June 2010

Shop {Love}

Yep....I have lots and lots of shop {love} for WhiteFlower Farmhouse....Lori and Megan are amazing! I recently called and spoke to Megan because I was looking for some grainsack pillows in a particular size....and Megan was absolutely wonderful....she was so helpful and great about making the pillows for me. I received them yesterday....and they are beyond amazing...that Megan is talented!

the shop always has amazing linens....like these grainsack pillows....

and don't those soaps look yummy....they're like slices of sea glass....love the colors.....

and if I lived closer...this shoe rack would so be mine....

and I'm so lovin' this natural whale....I can think of so many places this could go in my home.

So.....if you haven't visited WhiteFlower Farmhouse....you really must....it's one of my absolute favorite places to shop.


P.S. Bike makeover coming soon!

Photos courtesy of WhiteFlower Farmhouse


  1. In my next life, I will own a store like this!


  2. Wow that shop looks brilliant. Pity it's sooo far away!

  3. Their candles are amazing too! The driftwood scent is one of my favorites!

  4. love the shoppe and Megan!!!

  5. Andrea, your new pillows are very nice.. love the blue stripes! I would love one of everything from that shop! Have a happy day.. lara

  6. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you so much for the love! I'm so glad that you like the pillows.

    I think they'll look great between the light saber and darts!


  7. what pretty things they have...i will pop over now and browse around...

  8. I love white flower farmhouse....and everything I have gotten from them too:) They are amazing...and those pillows are so wonderful!!!

  9. I love your new pillows!

    WhiteFlower Farmhouse is such a great shop!

    I think I will head over now. :)

  10. Hey...I'll fight you for that shoe rack!! I have had my eye on that since she put it up on the site...if I convince my hubs to take a road trip to NY...shall I pick one up for you, too?? ;o) I am a little obsessed with it. Probably not healthy. But it is what it is. ;o)


  11. Oh so pretty!! I have to say, I took a picture of the play room ( a lot worse then what you posted below) thinking of you...Ahhh the days of summer :)
    Knowing you painted everything grey and white makes me feel good. I've been feeling a little out of my realm (sp?) going true gray :)
    Have a great rest of your week

  12. oohhhh, love it ..i'm off now to see. The whale is too cute!

  13. wow I really like that shoe rack. the cushions are perfect!

  14. I'm in love with the linen!!! They are so frenchy.... xoxo

  15. I love that shoe rack! I wish I lived close to there!

  16. Can't wait to see your bike...I must take my Maria out soon...now that it is summer..on my list for the weekend. xoxo