13 May 2010

Porch Love

I love the simplicity of this porch....

and the french bistro chairs and bunting of this porch....

and the mix of chairs of this porch....

which leads me to my porch....

this is my porch....blahhh.

My porch needs help....since living here....I've never done anything with this porch....other than to paint the floor....which as you can see needs an update....and I've decided that this is the year that it's gettin' a makeover. You see....I'm one of those girls who...if a space is ugly...I don't use it....and as you can see I have a large wrap around porch...that's totally being wasted...so this is the year. We've actually been doing lots of work to our outside space...like leveling the land a bit to give us more flat land {I live on a hill}...installing a beautiful granite boulder wall....planting trees....adding much needed character to our garage/out building....and this past week....we finished the last of our large outdoor projects....a crushed asphalt driveway. Now it's on to planting grass seeds...and starting to landscape...my favorite part.

Now....back to my porch....that for some reason....I'm unable to figure out. I love the first photo at the top...white painted floors....white table....mis-matched wood chairs...I just love it....and think that may be the way I go. I've always had trouble decorating this porch...mainly because it's kinda large and a bit intimidating to me....I've just left it pretty much empty...such a waste I know. I've always wanted a large wrap around porch....and now that I have one....I don't know what to do with it....

any suggestions?


photos 1 & 3 Country Living
and the last 2 ugly photos...mine ;o)


  1. Drool... :-D I love porches, nothing says country like porches!! And yours is to die for! Maybe you could have a sitting area on either side of yoru table... one with 2 rocking chairs and one with a porch swing. Just space them out. But what I would give to have your porch... so jealous!!! Can't wait to see it transform~!

  2. That is a lovely big space you have to decorate and I too wish I had one like that. I love your inspiration photos. I used some of those and others for the inspiration for our backyard patio (I posted about them if you want to check it out.) I finally found a table and am currently painting chairs.

    I think a large table with mismatched chairs and maybe a bench would look great on your porch. A cozy seating area on the other end would also be really nice. Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.

  3. Your porch is huge and you are so lucky! I can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  4. You are so lucky to have that great porch! I have always wanted a porch like yours. If I had your porch I would line it up with rocking chairs all painted a different color and of course lots of potted geraniums. Would love to see what you decide to do with your porch.....summer is coming!

  5. LOVE that first porch too! I love simple and mismatched. From your pic I like the blue floor. A painted ceiling would be gorgeous! My favorite wrap-around porch is here:

    I love how they used "real" furniture and not "patio" furniture. Creating different "areas" is the best way to tackle a porch like yours. Good luck I am sure it will look amazing!

    Best wishes,

  6. **sigh** to have a wrap around porch, a big dream of mine. I honestly think the floor looks really cool the way it is, I love the color and I think a farm table would look great out there, with mismatched white chairs and burlap cushions...a sweet lounger would be nice too with matching cushions, and of course bunting to hang on one wall!! :) Happy decorating, I know you will have a beautiful porch when you are done, everything you do is marvelous!

  7. i am very, very jealous girlie. my dream is to have a front porch like yours. use it girlfriend or i will. i love all the photos, but i love the first one most. cant wait to see what you do with it.

  8. OH, i would do anything to have a porch like yours Andrea...i think it is lovely just the way it is!!!

  9. Just hopped over here from somewhere else. And already see we have some friends in common- like the wonderful Traci above.

    I am soooo jealous of that porch. Sooooo jealous. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I'll be back to check. Great inspiration photos.


  10. yes, you have the right idea. your porch
    reminded me of a beautiful woman without
    her makeup. she's still lovely, great cheek
    bones and al, but a little bit of paint, and
    she's gorgeous!!!!

  11. That IS your current porch , we'd all kill for that , its gorgeous it just need to seating , lucky you .

  12. Hi sweetie, maybe little clusters of different groupings. Of course, the table (my eye wouldn't allow all those different chairs), tons of potted plants, Mandevilla vining around the columns, area rugs which can take the outdoors, dogs, kids, husband, friends, food & drink, piles of containers filled with beautiful bounty. You'll do it, and it'll be wonderful. Don't rest till you're finished! xx's

  13. Your porch is a DIAMOND in the rough! So dreamy and such a great space to work with!! I like the simplicity of your inspiration pics too. I can see a big long farmtable on your porch with a big linen cloth on in in shades of oatmeal.. simple glass hurricanes.. chippy wood chairs.. maybe some white or beige washed rattan settes and candle light! You are so lucky to have that nice of a porch and I can't wait to see you make it come alive with your unique style!
    :) Lara

  14. i have your problem - I have a big wrap around porch around the whole house but we don't use it much - due to florida summers and frog poop -
    love the first picture
    anxious to see what you come up with -
    I know i kinda like bead board on the ceiling...

  15. Your porch is the opposite of ugly! And sorry - I like the blue faded floors! I know, I'm no help... It might be fun to hang some of those sheet, gauzy outdoor curtains on one end? Other than that, it's all furniture and flowers! What fun.

  16. Oh my gosh... I think you have a lovely porch space... I can see painting and stencil some painted rugs on the flooring boards... Maybe some larger old weathered kitchen furniture out there instead of thinking outdoor furniture... I think it can be charming...

  17. Ooohh to have your problem... If there is room, and it looks as though there is, I would do a table with chairs for alfresco dining and then a separate cozy seating area with snuggly pillows piled on a loveseat and some side chairs. I can see you out there now...



  18. Know what I'd do? since it's a big porch, I's section it into imaginary rooms! Start with getting a table. Put some flowers or tablecloth and pretty things on top. You're going now! Find a few chairs as you can. They'll show up, believe me. Now you can add more chairs if you want. Look for a side table or put pots of green around, or flowers whatever your sunshine level is on the porch. Try to put them at different heights is why I suggested a small side table. :) Now, sit down and think what you want for the other areas or rooms. It doesn't have to come together all at once. If you have the table and chairs, you'll be enjoying your outside space and will come up with the rest of the plan. Take lots of pics and show us! Enjoy.

  19. Ok, so I'd take your "ugly" porch any day! What a dream, I'd love to have a wrap around porch just like yours. You've some great pictures to inspire you. I'm sure whatever you end up doing will be wonderful as I love all the other things you've done, your photos are great!

  20. Is it my eyes, or is your porch already THE MOST COVETED teal/aqua color right now? Wow -- how cool!! If is, you could do the whole "Danish/Swedish/Nordic thing out there.

    Our porch is very much the same -- and like you, for some strange reason I've had such a "block" when it comes to decorating it. For me, I think it's because I know how dirty that porch gets SO fast! I can sweep it, hose it, etc. and the next day... spider webs, dirt, dust... ugh.

    So in my mind's eye, I have visions of all kinds of wonderful ideas, but short of hiring an employee to keep it cleaned daily, I think I would grow discouraged with how dirty everything always looked. So, I keep my decorations to a minimum out on the porch - and it looks fine.

    We have had light grey painted floors and now we have super dark green painted floors. The green definitely hides the dirt more. My dream would be to paint contrasting LARGE harlequin diamonds on the boards, to match the entry way inside. Some day... :)

    Considering all you've done to your home INSIDE, I just know once you tackle that porch, it's going to be a show-stopper!!! :)


  21. Let me just say, that is an awesome porch. A blank canvas!
    I would do it like you did your living room etc. I like gray floors, white and gray wood furniture, rusty wire plantstands with pretty plants, and urns. A nice burlap or jute rug.
    Maybe some white twinkle lights and candles.
    Enjoy whatever you decide to do.

  22. i am new to your blog - dont know how i found it but i love it!!

    And i love your porch floor just how it is, perfect chippy blue paint - i could just imagine some white furniture there :)

  23. I have a teeny tiny porch. If I had yours, I would use the space by making several areas...sitting, swinging, lounging, etc. Have fun with it.

  24. that porch is a great big blank canvas - what a view! I know you will do something amazing with the space. All the best, Lori

  25. I think the first photo is an amazing inspiration to draw from.

    If I were to decorate the porch I wouldn't work too hard to fill it all up - not all at once anyway. In most photos I see of porches, designers tend to clutter it up to much. I tend to like things a little more simple.

    Simple chairs and potted plants would be a good start. I'd add a seating area, maybe a eating area and a swing or hammock. White flowing curtain would look beautiful and are very useful.

    Your question has me dreaming. . .

  26. Sakes alive! A fresh palette! Let me at it....

  27. I use to have a beautiful all white porch and I ended up hateing the white. Foot traffice kept it constantly filthy. So I went the old fashioned way with the floor grey and kept the rest white still. Oh and the white would kill your eyes off big time it was so bright. I hung baskets with moss and had old fashioned ferns. It was gorgeous. Good Luck, Pearl

  28. Oh my goodness!!! Your porch is beautiful and amazing...and I'm totally in love...completely a wrap around...sigh...and another sigh...I know you will just make it beautiful!!! I can imagine curtains, lounge chairs, flowers, table overlooking a beautiful view...galvanized containers...oh my...but me putting it all together for a final look that is my issue:)

  29. I'm so jealous of your beautiful huge porch, Andrea! All we have at the farmhouse are two little landings that barely fit two rocking chairs. I like your inspiration photos - there is also an old Country Home magazine cover with a pink and green porch on the cover that can give you ideas (I think there's even a big dresser on that porch). Your porch is so big you can have a table/eating area and a lounge area with a little couch and chairs/rockers and little area rug. I also see wicker on your porch. Just can't wait to see your magical makeover, Andrea!!!

  30. Love the first pic too!! Your porch has so many possibilities like getting a whole new room too decorate I would be so excited:)I would love a wrap around. I would be sitting out there all year long. Even in the winter months you could put a little chimnea out there. Ohh hammocks in the summer.....

  31. I can't wait to see what you come up with! I have this site bookmarked(I have put a lot of these pourches on my wish list!!)...I think you would like it. http://www.front-porch-ideas-and-more.com/

  32. OK, yes the other porches are dreamy but oh my goodness girl your porch is amazing! Look at what you have to start with, oh to have a porch like that a blank canvas to go crazy with! You have amazing talent I know It will be a beauty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  33. Your crazy...your porch is lovely,just add some wicker,plants and a couple of your gorgeous pillows(like mine :) and it will be perfect!! Our sunroom is done,and I have to say my pillow is my favorite thing in it,thanks!!! x0

  34. If Ihad a porch like yours mine would look just like yours. I wouldn't know what to do with it. These ladies have some great advice. I can't wait to see what you do !

  35. Ok, how the heck did I miss this post??? I don't think Blogger is updating my blogroll correctly. Some things are taking forever to show up. Anyway, your porch is FANTASTIC!!! And those views, really and truly to die for!

    I could see how that big space would scare me when it came to doing it right...how about making different "zones"...a table and chairs in one spot, cozy seating in another. I like the idea of a table with mismatched chairs.

    Whatever you do...it is going to be amazing, I just know it!


  36. I love your porch! I think the first photo would be wonderful. Knowing how talented you are, I'm sure we will see a gorgeous transition and your porch will be featured in a magazine.
    xxx, Michelle

  37. I have purchased amish made benches and stained them black, the contrast against my white trim is fun. You could think about touches of grey or black. You like that Gray Owl by BM and add hints of color through cushions or table linens. I also like indoor oudoor rugs by Dash and Albert, you may know about them. They are wonderful.

  38. i love the color of the paint on the porch floor. looks similar to mine.

  39. Your porch is wonderful and I love the color- I wouldn't redo it I would just sand it down a bit but I could also see it painted white. That bench would look amazing on your porch with pots of flowers. Also a wisteria vine would be so pretty creeping up the rail!

  40. The best way to decorate this porch is . . just start, one piece at a time - you live with it and see if it 'works'. I have a big deck (not covered like yours - I wish!) and I just started with one bench, now I have rugs down, a couple tables and some lamps (the glow at night is magical). I just move things under the eaves when it rains. I even have an old sewing machine with a huge rose geranium on top. We live on our covered swing out there and I have lots of chunky pots with herbs and hanging baskets full of flowers. You have such a beautiful view - you need to take full advantage! My deck overlooks a large creek and an bald eagle's nest - I'm one lucky girl:)

  41. I love the beautiful floors just the way they are.. My first addition would be a big porch swing filled with old quilts and pillows for lazy days. I'm from the south and we love our ceiling fans too. Then just fill it up with what you love.. It will be beautiful..

  42. Wow, what a blank slate of potential you have! It's so wonderful and has such good bones!

    I love the use of white on porches. Perhaps consider painting the wood floors two-toned: like a white and a beige, or even black and white if you are willing to go more drastic. I think it would add depth and interest to the beauty of the painted floors.

    Cannot wait to see what you do with it!

    & I'm your newest follower!!

  43. I'll bring over a pitcher of ice tea and we can contemplate your gorgeous porch. Oh my goodness it's such a fantastic space to work with. I'm loving the first picture too.... You have me wishing for a real porch... mine lacks character. Whatever you pick is going to be amazing i just know it.

  44. WOw-your porch is amzing-what i dream of- I love it- the wood the trim all of it- so cute- i would put some chairs out there with cushions bringing in some color- so much you can do- just became a follower of Your amazing blog-
    Very Inspiring- cant wait to see more

  45. What a wonderful opportunity to have that porch, it's a blank canvas!
    Can't wait to see what you do. I know it will be gorgeous!

  46. Hi Andrea, I seemed to have lost you on my blog roll along with a few other people. Not sure how that happened. But now I'm catching up....So here is what I want on your porch:

    1. A rocking chair
    2. A porch swing
    3. An old wicker settee
    4. Old buckets full of geraniums
    5. A sleeping dog

    How's that? Oh...and roosters crowing in the back ground.


  47. I love the color of the porch floor just the way it is. I think a really long farm table with different chairs and maybe even a chandie that you could put candles in when you are having dinner out there. I agree, whatever you do will be amazing!

  48. I love the color of the porch floor just the way it is. I think a really long farm table with different chairs and maybe even a chandie that you could put candles in when you are having dinner out there. I agree, whatever you do will be amazing!

  49. Hi,
    New to your blog and enjoying it very much. I love your porch. Love the color on it. The firt picture would look wonderful. I love the idea to be able to have a meal with my family outside. I would be out there every morning with a cup of coffee watching our kids play. Can't wait to see what you do!! Best wishes.

    On our front porch
    Rocking chairs

  50. Like you I would concentrate on the outdoor spaces surrounding your house, planting trees, etc. so we are kindred spirits. You are very blessed to have a wrap around porch; add some comfy wicker chairs with pillows and some hanging plants and call it good. Oh, some bird feeders and a birdbath nearby so you can watch your bird visitors as you sit in your comfy chairs.

  51. andrea,
    the first pic looks JUST like your porch...such an inspiration for you! oh how i'd love a big porch. we just have a li'l old side porch big enough for my chair bench and some flowers. i think lanterns hanging with candles, drop cloth curtains w/top 1/3 being a sheer fabric (canvas to block cooler breezes & sheer to let in light), a table and the mismatched chairs would be great. so much fun...redecorating! can't wait to see what you do!
    judi ;)

  52. Talk about a blank slate! You can furnish your porch with just about anything and it will be magazine worthy! I can see vintage wicker, a stripe rug, a vintage chandelier, buckets of flowers and potted plants. The list goes on and on. Have fun!

  53. Hi, I know you have already received a multitude of comments on your porch, but I did want to add my own.

    If your porch were mine, I would seal the floor with a protective (skid-free) deck sealer to preserve the chippy finish which time has achieved. I would paint your beadboard ceiling the palest of shades (blue is an historic and traditional color used to mimic the beauty of a cloudless summer sky). If blue does not fit whatever "color scheme" you may have in mind select another color in a faint, soft shade. The addition of a subtle color can go a long way to add character.

    I understand the porch is a wraparound, but wonder how much space you do have. The corner shown is an ideal spot for seating. A long farmhouse table placed in the rectangular space shown in your photos would be great. One handmade by "you and/or your boys" would be lovely and would hold wonderful family memories. It would not need to be "fancy" at all. Picnic style legs and weathered wood planks would suit the porch mood very well.

    Outdoor curtains are perfect. Hung at every support post or just at the corners they create a great sense of living space. Muslin is a lighter, airier inexpensive solution and painter dropcloths are sturdier and will hold up to weather (dirt and dust) for lengthier periods in between washings. They are each inexpensive.

    The porch will be beautiful regardless of how you choose to decorate, but I would definitely decorate! It is a TREMENDOUS space that requires a bit of attention, but once you do it, your home's living space will double!!

    Good luck! Allison

    If the dimensions allow for it, a twin bed hung on ropes in the ultimate porch luxury.