25 May 2010

I'm Feelin'......

A bit like my Molly here today....just a lazy kinda day....

although I did rumble up enough energy to sew a couple pillows {the bee one} for my spot at the antique mall....

and the rest of the day has been spent out here....with these girls {these are our first set of chickens, now 14 weeks old}.....

yep....it's that kinda day....just sittin' on the porch with my lemonade and new magazines.....ahhh!

zzzzzz, Andrea


  1. Sounds perfect, and I can't belive how big the girls are now, wow they grow like weeds! :)

  2. That's the life, Andrea. Enjoy your girls and the simple pleasures in life. p.s. your cushions are wonderful!

  3. I love those lazy-summer kind of days! They are the best. Enjoy!!!

  4. Sound like my kinda day! Boy your "girls" grow up fast! Lucky for us children don't grow that fast! Adore your bee pillow! xoxo

  5. Sounds perfect... We had thought about getting some chickens, but now we have a confirmed pair of coyotes living in our neighborhood (within city limits!) and I worry that the hens might meet an untimely end. Oh well,



  6. that sounds lovely...i can't believe how big your girls are already...love your pillows!!!

  7. Your chucks look very contented already
    Love that bee pillow. Is it embroidered or printed?

  8. Sounds like a perfect day. Your pillows turned out great!

  9. I am so jealous...that sounds like the perfect kind of day. Can I come over tomorrow so I can sit on your porch and read magazines?? Pretty please?? ;o)


  10. That pillow is so adorable! LOVE the bee design! Glad you enjoyed your day! :)

  11. That is the BEST kind of day!!

    I just picked up a bunch of magazines at the library today, to get me through the week. :)

  12. Oh, Andrea, that sounds like the perfect day to me! I'd so love to not have to go in to the office every nice day. Of course the air conditioning is nice when it's hot and humid, but...
    I love your pillows, especially the bees. I've been thinking of doing an antique mall booth too. Sounds like fun. Take care and don't snooze too much! Sherry

  13. Oh my goodness, the ladies have grown so much, haven't they? I love animals, birds, chickens, anything with a heart. So does my daughter and son. In fact, I really don't want to live if I couldn't have my 2 precious doggies, FiFi my 7.5 lb Poodle (who has been around the world with us) and my rock star Maltese named Bono, he's 2 1/2 years now.
    Totally coo-coo but we love it.
    And I love you too.

  14. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I LOVE days like that!

  15. pillows, chickens, and lemonade.

    perfect day.

  16. WOW the girls have grown! Love the bee pillow, so cute.

  17. Not a better way to spend a day...good for you! x0 P.S. love the pillows in you pic.

  18. sounds like my kinda day -
    love the pillows
    and the little chicks
    who arent so little any more
    enjoy your week

  19. You're a lucky lady...sounds like JUST what I need (minus the chickens). :)
    Your new pillows are fabulous!!

  20. Oh how I could use a day like that. Could I come join you!

    Molly looks like she snagged the best spot. Love that chair.

  21. i love those kind of days. perfect!!

  22. We all need days like that. I would just take a couple of hours. I hope you got some rest and relaxation.

  23. sounds like a nice day to me :) i love a good magazine too, glad you had a nice day. your chicks are getting big! take care, susan

  24. Hi Andrea!!

    Your kitty!! Almost too big for that chair! You know what, I have pretty much that same chair on my porch, too! All chippy and old -- love it! AND my cat sleeps on it, too!!

    Now, if only our houses backed up to each other!! :)

    We could meander over to each other's houses for coffee!! :)

    Take care, friend!


  25. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love those kinds of days.

    Ummm....now, can we talk about that bee pillow??? Did you sew that just for me? :)

    I am thinking that I definitely have to get one...I hope you will put them in your online shop(pretty please).