15 April 2010

New Goods....And Some Kitchen Info

Well...here it is....a long overdue shop update....but wait....there's more to come....cuz not only have I been a paintin' mama....but I've also been a shoppin' one. So...in the coming weeks I've got more goods to share with you....you know me....always thinkin' of my girls....

and speaking of my girls {that's you guys}....I've got a giveaway coming up....like I said....I've been shopping....and picking up a few things here and there to show you guys that your the best....so....stay tuned for that.

Now....I just wanted to answer a few questions about my kitchen....you guys had lots of questions....so here's a few answers....

1. The color on my cabinets is Super White {it's a great crisp white} by Ben Moore....I love their Aqua Pearl finish....it's perfect for painting furniture...and cabinets. The reason I know this....is I actually painted the cabinets previously....white on the uppers and a beautiful blue on the lowers....but after living with it for a couple years...decided that white lower cabinets would look better with the black granite countertops. So....I've been cleaning and scrubbing these puppies for close to 2 years....and the upper cabinets still look like I just painted them.

2. I removed all the cabinet doors and drawers and primed and painted the cabinets themselves....as well as the doors and drawers.

3. The wall color is Simply White by Ben Moore...can you tell I like Ben moore ;o)

4. Before painting the cabinets...which are maple....I lightly sanded all the wood....and made sure to wipe them down completely....as to not leave any sanding residue.

5. I then applied a good quality primer....and then....using a high quality brush {trust me....a good quality brush makes all the difference}....I then applied 2 coats of the Super White paint.

That's pretty much it....I think as long as you use a good quality paint....and brush....it's goes pretty smoothly.

Happy Weekend!

xoxo, Andrea


  1. Great tips and I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but I just love your header!

  2. Andrea,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful kitchen reno with us!! I am still reeling from seeing it! I think that I might have to try and make my little kitchen look like your kitchen's little sister! You make it sound so easy and believe me I know that it was not!
    Gorgeous...just gorgeous!
    Happy Thursday xOxO Nerina

  3. looking forward to your new items - and of course the giveaways!!!
    have a happy filled weekend

  4. Andrea amor, wow lots and lots of work, but from seeing your beautiful kitchen pictures, I think it was totally worth the work :) Do you still smile each time you walk into your kitchen or even just walk by it? come on admit it...you know you do :) Have a beautiful weekend! Besos, Rose

  5. well, shoot...every time you do a shop update, the thing i really want is already sold...except that dolly, she still melts me heart...i have to look at her to whenever i visit...

  6. I love the sneak peak into your shop updates...and your kitchen does look wonderful!!

  7. Thanks for the info about the kitchen. Now, I am off to check out all the new things in your shop!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Loving the new items especially the busts! I still can't get over your kitchen transformation, gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend

    Best wishes,

  9. Hallo, Sweden here....

    I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  10. Wow you did an amazing job on your kitchen- painting cupboards is not an easy task - it looks so pretty. Sorry to see the Madeline tins sold- we just returned from Paris and I said to myself I need some of those cute Madeline tins!

  11. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it makes me so happy.

    Your post today is just wonderful!!

    Agneta, the swedish one;)

  12. Andrea, I love your kitchen redo! It is so country farmhousey and clean and crisp. I love that you used Hubby's dresser for an Island. This is a great reuse project. I love to reuse things in different ways too.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. I love the painting tips, thanks!! We needed wall paint for our new old house, and I told hubby to get a classic white. He came back with Ben. Moore "Classic White" hahaha.

  14. Seeing your makes me want to do it more than ever, but i know it's so much work! Yours looks amazing!

  15. Thanks for all of the info.
    Love your kitchen!
    Have a lovely week,

  16. Hi Andera! Looks like I need to check out your kitchen...and your shop!!!

    :) T

  17. I found your blog via the Twice Remembered Cottage...I don't usually comment on things but I am over the moon with your kitchen plans and my head is whirring with what I know plan to do with my own! We live in a basement apartment and have been frantically searching for non-permanent ways to make it look less "ghetto," and your idea of using a dresser for an island is genius! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with the world.