26 April 2010

A Day Trip

This past week my friend Sue and I went for a day trip....to a wonderful place....in the middle of nowhere....which are often the best places to find treasures.

Leigh {the owner} is the sweetest....and always has great stuff....and lots of inspiration.

See that stash above....the wire basket....galvanized bucket....enamel bucket....ironstone butter pats....white mirror....and Atlanta Bartlett book....those are the treasures that came home with me....are you getting a sense of what I love....it always seems....I bring home the same things...that always makes me laugh.

And look where we get to shop....in Leigh's gorgeous barn....I swoon every time I see her barn....love it!

Leigh always has a great assortment of furniture....barkcloth....vintage jewlery....dishes....she's got it all....

So....you ready for a road trip....

Vintage Inspirations Boutique
2080 County Road R. Malmo, NE

her summer and fall boutiques are...

June 3rd 10-6
June 4th 10-4
June 5th 10-2


September 9th 10-6
September 10th 10-4
September 5th 10-2

xoxo, Andrea


  1. oh girl that place looks wonderful and I love everything you brought home...why do I live so far away?? :)

  2. Great finds! LOVE the barn reminds me of the one on my Grandpa's farm. He would have gotten a kick out of the idea that someone has a store in a barn and an even bigger kick that anyone would buy old enamel and galvanized buckets! Sadly when they sold the farm most of that great stuff went to the dump, wish I would have been older and could have saved all the "GREAT JUNK"!

    Best wishes,

  3. ooooh you got some very fun things! What a fun place to shop ~ love old barns.....


  4. Looks like such fun! Wish I lived a little closer! Happy Monday. xo Erica

  5. Ooh-la-la!!! What a great place to shop. I have had a thing for barns for years. Thanks for sharing. Just found your blog and it is full of all my favourite things.

  6. Love your stash...I have that book its one of the best!! Enjoy your day! x0

  7. it looks amazing and wonderful!!! How fun...and that barn is just beautiful

  8. Andrea, wish I could go with you. You snagged some great stuff!

    xx kelley

  9. I LOVE it all! It is probably a good thing that we do not live close to each other, as we would be fighting over the same goodies!

  10. wish I were near that way-
    I love your wire basket -
    and I love all your treasures!

  11. Your sense of style is wonderful. Thanks for the photo link by the way. I hope to get to auction soon, keep an eye out for you.

  12. Oh, tell me you grabbed that milk can and will put it up in the shop. I've been looking for one of those!

  13. Love everything you got. It's all great!

    If you have a chance, see what I posted yesterday that I got at the Nashville Flea Market. I'm thinking you might like a few of my finds. Maybe you can give me a bit of advice for a tool box I found.

  14. We must be thinking alike. I came home with 2 wire baskets this weekend!
    Love your stuff!

  15. Andrea, I love to find places in the middle of nowhere! What fun--and I see lots of things I want. I want to come and explore with you. If only NE was closer to the N(orth)E(ast)!

  16. that looks like a wonderful place to find some new old goodies!!!

  17. Andrea, what a wonderful place to go shopping. I love the things you choose to bring home - you definitely know what you like!

  18. What a magical place..I have as soft spot in my heart for big old red barns as well...so add a vintage shop into the mix...you got pure heaven. Hugs for a great week. xo

  19. Ah the big red barn....i feel right at home! Love all the finds as i am always searching for antique treasures and the best are always found in tiny towns you have never heard of. Thanks for sharing your treasures as i am always inspired when i visit your blog!

  20. Love the barn! This looks like about a 5 hour drive for me--maybe do-able on a weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Looks like a fabulous place!! And you managed to find some really great items!!! How fun...

    :) T

  22. I was just searching for the exact same things while junkin this weekend. I can not find ironstone butterpats anywhere! I'm reading At Home with White right now too.. great book. I love your style dear!
    :) Lara

  23. what an awesome place. i want to go there. great treasures.

  24. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.... AND for your beautiful blog!

    Agneta, the swedish one ;)

  25. Hey...sent you an email this morning. I finally painted my out of that pile of furniture I was buried under. ;o) ~mary~

  26. You got some great stuff! I love the flowers in the bucket. Weather looks great:)

  27. How absolutely perfect. A wonderful daytrip with a friend to such a heavenly place. Fabulous! Love the look of everything you brought home. :) Many blessings, Tammy

  28. I am so envious. OK we have car boot sales, Charity (thrift) shops, and some salvage yards but nothing like this!!

  29. Forgot to say..Your blog is awesome, I will certainly be back!

  30. Hi again! Just wanted you to know I featured your beautiful kitchen today!! Thanks again for letting me :)

  31. OK, that's it! We're getting together...real soon! How did I not know about this place! Hope you have some spending money left. :) Let me know if you'd still like together and when it works for you ~
    I'd love to see your home too - did I tell you how much I LOVE your kitchen.
    Talk soon ~

  32. What a great place to shop! Love your kitchen re-do too; that's what led me to your great blog!

  33. hi andrea!

    i just noticed your store. this whole blog
    thing is eye candy to me, and i don't see
    all the wonder at first. :(

    anyway, we are building a home/cottage
    and i will, in the next few months, begin
    to purchase some of your lovely, vintage